Time For Hard Cap On Public Sector CEO Salaries – Ontario NDP Bill A Chance To Show Respect For Public’s Hard-Earned Money

(A brief update on this post – This November 28th, the governing Liberals and the opposition Conservative Party voted against this bill to cap  CEO salaries in the public sector, defeating it by a wide margin of votes.)

This Release from the Office of Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

Queen’s Park – New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath introduced a Private Member’s Bill this November 7th that if passed, would cap the salaries of Ontario’s highest-paid public employees to ensure that scarce public dollars are spent on front line services not lavish paychecks.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wants to put a lid on Public Sector CEO salaries

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wants to put a lid on Public Sector CEO salaries

“When a public sector CEO takes home more in a year than the average family earns in two decades, people feel like their money isn’t being respected,” Horwath said. “I’m hoping Ontario can move forward with a simple plan: put a hard cap on the salaries of public sector executives at twice the salary of the Premier.”

The new legislation would cap publicly-paid executive salaries at double the salary of Ontario’s Premier. The Premier’s current salary is $209,000. According to the 2012 Sunshine List, over 180 executives made a salary more than two times as high as the Premier, and 25 executives made more than three times the Premier’s salary.

The bill would apply to all executives in the public sector from the Ontario Public Service to crown agencies like Hydro One and OPG, as well as hospitals and universities.

Horwath said the NDP legislation is needed because soaring executive compensation has gotten worse under the Liberal government. She noted that Tom Mitchell, the head of OPG, makes $1.7 million while families are paying some of the highest hydro bills in the country. The CEO of Sunnybrook in Toronto is making over $760,000. In his day job as CEO of St. Joseph’s Health System, the government-appointed supervisor of the Niagara Health system brought in $2,803,326.92 over four years. Meanwhile the government is laying nurses off and arguing that the healthcare system doesn’t have the funds to keep community hospitals open.

“Until the Liberals get serious about putting a hard cap on public sector CEO salaries, Ontarians can expect to see the pay packets of public executives continue to grow at the expense of public services,” Horwath said.

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2 responses to “Time For Hard Cap On Public Sector CEO Salaries – Ontario NDP Bill A Chance To Show Respect For Public’s Hard-Earned Money

  1. I want to use the old saying “too little, too late” here but it just doesn’t quite fit.
    First: the cap Horwath is proposing is too big! There is no way ANY public servant should receive more than $250,000 per year.
    Second: it is too late. Too many are already over the limit.

    If Horwath is suggesting that salaries be cut for these overpaid types, I am all for it. But I somehow doubt she (or any other politician) has the moxie required to take that kind of leadership.


  2. I agree whole heartedly. When the Police Chief of sleepy little Niagara with its Compton like crime problems makes more than twice what the Police Chief of New York city makes (go freakin figure)…. there is a huge problem and it doesn’t stop there….
    However, be forewarned a NDP government, just like the vote buying Liberal socialist wannabe’s, will at their earliest convenience reward their front line union backers with pay hikes and any savings however meagre will not add staff, but put more people on the sunshine list. Like there aren’t enough secretaries making over a $100k a year already!
    So….. I say knock 45% off the salary of all senior public executive management AND 20% off ALL of those public sector service groups who have blackmailed ALL levels of government over the last 12 years for ridiculous pay and benefit packages. That’s where the money is ANDREA!!! The private sector did it (manufacturing). Are you prepared to do THAT? Now that would take balls and result in savings that would be material enough to make a difference. Your silly little idea on how to save a few million, as opposed to BILLIONS, is just pandering to a general population that you hope will be distracted enough to ignore the elephant in the room! THAT BEING THE FACT THAT UNIONS HAVE PROVEN THEY DON’T BELONG IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR!
    I have $20 that says you won’t Andrea! That kind of response to this situation would take leadership!
    Just sayin……


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