Join Together At An Eco Fest In Niagara, Ontario This Saturday, November 30th

A Brief Reminder from NAL publisher Doug Draper 

This past Wednesday, I visited the Earth House, one of my favourite stores on Cape Cod and picked up a bumper sticker that reads as follows; “We could have saved the earth but we were too damned cheap – Kurt Vonnegut.”

It is a sad thought, projecting into the future, and it should be our pledge as citizens of the world and the communities we live in to make sure that this Kurt Vonnegut line becomes as false as all of those predictions that every computer in the world was going to crash at the dawn of this century.

What can we do as individuals and communities to lighten the load on the ecology of the planet? The answers to that question could easily fill volumes but you may find a few of them at the Eco Fest taking  in Welland, Ontario this coming Saturday, November 30th. For more details on this event, check out the poster below.

Click on this poster to enlarge it on your screen

Click on this poster to enlarge it on your screen

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