WomEnchant – A Niagara/Hamilton-Based Chorus For Social Justice – Invites You To A Special Fundraiser

Submitted by Gail Benjafield 

Every year, WomEnchant, a local chorus of women, Niagara based in one sense in that many members come from the Niagara Region communities of St. Catharines, Fenwick, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Grimsby, Tintern, and a little further field — Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster and Oakville, to sing for social justice causes and for church fundraisers.

Click on this poster to blow full screen for further details.

Click on this poster to blow full screen for further details.


Our noted conductor, Laura Thomas, is a multitalented musician, deputy conductor of the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, leader of several choirs, leader of the Dundas Valley Orchestra, Broadband, WomEnchant and much more.

We have raised thousands of dollars for good causes — to name but a few: The Stephen Lewis Foundation for Aids in Africa, for various churches always in need of dollars to top off their good works, Earth Day songfests, Women’s Day events, the annual Take Back the Night in St. Catharines (work for abused women) and quite recently, the celebration at the B.M.E. Church in St. Catharines, Ontario for the 100th anniversary of Harriet Tubman’s death. We sing for good reasons – peace, gender equity, racial equality, environmental issues, etc.  I know that many of these causes are close to the heart of Niagara at Large. 

Please consider supporting your local women singers as we celebrate a year of many concerns with the hope of better days to come.

Gail Benjafield is a Niagara resident, a long-time citizen volunteer in our region and a member of the WomEnchant Chorus.

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3 responses to “WomEnchant – A Niagara/Hamilton-Based Chorus For Social Justice – Invites You To A Special Fundraiser

  1. Saw it before and can’t wait to see and hear the talented ensemble again..!. Don’t miss the chance to see this talented, happy group. as they should be. and to know you help support needy Niagara . You wont be disappointed..

    A happy follower,


  2. Ron Pritchard

    I attended your concert tonight at Trinity United Church, Beamsville. There was much to enjoy in the concert, but i also had some problems with it.

    First, I strongly object to removing the name “God” from our national anthem – especially since the venue was a Christian Chuch.

    Second, as a male (and one who has worked for and supports women’s rights), I felt excluded. I heard not one mention of a male in any of the songs or comments, except by the Mayor, who emphasized that men and women need to work TOGETHER for female rights. I think you agree with this, but it was not the impression i got.


    • Ron Pritchard

      Since I can see no way to edit my remarks, I just want to add, regarding what I said about removing the word “God” from the national anthem, I can understand the desire to be politically correct, but I also think this can go too far – and removing “God” is going too far.


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