Niagara Land Trust Secures First Agreement For Preserving Region’s Natural Heritage

A Submission from Niagara Land Trust executive director Natalie Kiers

(Niagara At Large is always pleased to post some good jnews like this when it comes our way.)

August 16, 2012 – The Niagara Land Trust, a not-for-profit organization that conserves the natural heritage of the Niagara Peninsula today for future generations, has secured the long-term protection of the Smiths’ Christmas Tree Farm in Pelham via a conservation agreement.

Thanks to generous landowners, a conservation agreement has been secured for generations for this verdant tract of land in the short hills of Pelham, Ontario


The property consists of mature upland and lowland Carolinian forests, a white pine plantation, and is located along a tributary of the Twelve Mile Creek. The property hosts a rich abundance of plant and wildlife species including several which are provincially and regionally rare.

 On Wednesday, August 22, the NLT Directors, members and volunteers will recognize the donation of the conservation agreement by property owners Jim and Mary Smith in an announcement ceremony held on the property.

The Smiths began living on the farm in 1975 but the farm has been in the Smith family since 1889. Jim, Mary and daughter Megan feel very connected to the property and would like it to remain a working farm and forest. They want to ensure that there are no severances or any additional residences built on the property.

“We are grateful for landowners like Jim and Mary Smith who are concerned with keeping their property as a working farm, forest and natural area today and into the future. Their generosity now ensures a bit of the natural heritage that makes Pelham so unique will remain intact for future generations to enjoy.” says Tim Seburn, The Land Trust’s Chair.

The Niagara Land Trust is the Niagara Peninsula’s first Land Trust and since its inception in 2008, has responded to numerous requests from private landowners interested in preserving their land today for future generations. The Niagara Land Trust can acquire or might accept donations of lands or donations of conservation agreements, such as the agreement donated by Jim and Mary Smith.

A conservation agreement is a voluntary legal agreement under which private landowners can maintain ownership while ensuring their land will not be developed even when willed or sold to new owners.

About the Niagara Land Trust Foundation – Founded in 2008, a charity in 2009, the Niagara Land Trust is a registered Canadian Charity not-for-profit organization whose mission is to conserve the natural heritage in the Niagara Peninsula today for future generations. For more info please visit our website or contact

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