Canada’s Electoral Fraud Scandal Should Make “Watergate” Pale By Comparison

By Mark Taliano

In a matter as important as electoral fraud, transparency and the rule of law should be of utmost importance.  What we’re currently getting is the opposite.

A makeshift sign like this should not have to be hoisted in front of Canada’s parliamentary building

Instead of an immediate Independent Inquiry with the power of subpoena, we’re getting a pseudo-inquiry by Elections Canada, a government appointed watchdog group.

Instead of empowering Elections Canada at a time of electoral crisis, Elections Canada has been disempowered by a funding cut of $7.5 million per year, effective immediately.  The watchdog has already become a well-restrained puppy.

 Chief Electoral Officer Marc Maynard, who was appointed by the Harper government, emphasized that “a single elector being misdirected from a poll is a serious offence.”  According to Elections Canada, there have been “800 complainants alleging specific occurrences of improper or fraudulent calls for people in 200 ridings across the country, in 10 provinces and 1 territory.” This is no small number.  And this is no small crisis.

Elizabeth May, who is all too familiar with government “black-ops” strategies, has called for an emergency debate on the crisis, but her supplication, as well as those by the N.D.P and the Liberals, has  fallen on deaf ears.

People across Canada have also been demanding justice, and a public hearing, but their supplications have also been met with indifference.

Award-winning journalist and author, Andrew Nikiforuk, recently observed,”… There are no institutional watchdogs in petro states, just puppies.  The non-puppies tend to get fired.” Chief Electoral Officer Lorne Gibson was a non-puppy.  He exposed electoral crime in Stelmach’s Alberta, and he was promptly fired.  

Nikiforuk continues, “The culture of bending the rules has expanded beyond the borders of Alberta, now into the rest of Canada, with the petro state party winning its federal election.”

As freedom-loving Canadians, we need to continue to demand a full Public Inquiry into this frontal assault on our democracy.  The Watergate scandal involving former U.S President Richard Nixon should pale in comparison to the magnitude and scope of our current electoral scandal.

Despite our “tough on crime “government’s best efforts to divert our attention and sweep this issue under the carpet, we need to send a strong message that lowering the bar on electoral justice is not acceptable. Once the bar has been lowered, it’s much more difficult to raise it again.

Mark Taliano is a Niagara resident and a regular contributor of commentary to Niagara At Large.

 (Niagara At Large welcomes you to share your views on this post. Please remember that we only post comments by people willing to share their real first and last names.)


15 responses to “Canada’s Electoral Fraud Scandal Should Make “Watergate” Pale By Comparison

  1. Dear Mark, when I heard that Elections Canada was getting their arms chopped off by the Harper Gang and losing big money , the first thing that came to mind was pay back time.are we a banana Republic and ruled by El Presidente and the Militia, When I saw what happened during the G20 Summit in Toronto I wondered how long before Martial Law would be proclaimed , we still have the War Measures Act,.will a state of aprehendred Insurrection be declared over some trivial a riot over a hockey game? look at how many people were arrested in Toronto, even people going to the corner store were swept up., we should all feel very un easy these days.


  2. Kevin Gillespie

    I received a call upon returning from voting “This call is to advise you your voting station has changed and the new address is” This call was made to Sackville NB.


  3. Nick Fillmore

    Nice story. Here is a little more to think about:


  4. Kevin G.,

    You should google Elections Canada, and then go to the section “Report a Fraudulent Call”.




  5. I have major concerns when Harper cuts off his critics: trashing the National Council of Welfare that was in place since 1969, collating statistics and providing advice to government on dealing with poverty issues; cutting $7.5 million from Elections Canada when it began to investigate the robo scandal among other cuts. We are no longer Canadian. Harper is attempting to change us into a Republican theocratic state.


  6. Here’s an informative clip that deals with the issue:


  7. Another clip:


  8. Another one:


  9. Sounds like Watergate (or at least it should) ….


  10. thanks for your reporting. It gives one something to base an unbiased opinion on the contents.


  11. Mark Taliano

    May 5, Parliament Hill


  12. How do we make sure this doesn’t happen? What are things I can do? Emailing my MP is useless. Give us resources to make change.


  13. Like

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