Ontario Liberal Government Fiddles While Niagara’s ‘Job Crisis’ Worsens – PC Leader Tim Hudak

From an Ontario PC Party Media Release

While Niagara Falls’ Liberal MPP Kim Craitor was announcing “great news” this March 16 about the province’s dccision to keep Casino Niagara open, Ontario PC leader was down the road a few hours earlier talking about the region’s bleak jobless figures.

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak

Ontario is in the midst of a deepening jobs crisis, and nowhere is it worse than in the Niagara Region, said Hudak during a media briefing he held at a Commisso grocery store in Niagara Falls.

 “When it comes to job losses, this area is the second-hardest hit inOntario, with an unemployment rate of 10.2 per cent,” Hudak said. “All because this (Ontario Liberal) government has no plan for job creation, and is actually worsening the jobs crisis every day of the week.”

A media release prepared by the province’s Progressive Conservative Party went on to say that “coupled with a string of plant closures – such as the John Deere shutdown in 2009 that put 800 people out of work – this week’s loss of 560 positions in the racetrack slots business, including 210 in Fort Erie, and related job losses in the agricultural and horse racing industries, are making a difficult situation even worse.”

“Coming myself from Fort Erie, my heart breaks for the men and women in that community, as well as Sarnia and Windsor, who now join the near-600,000 others who didn’t have a job to go to today in Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario,” Hudak said.

Hudak’s remarks came during a continuing series of visits with entrepreneurs who, unlike Queen’s Park, are always focused on growing and creating jobs. Today Hudak toured Commisso’s Fresh Food with owner Tony Commisso.

Yet only yesterday, Dwight Duncan threatened additional hits on job creators through even more fee increases on businesses, Hudak noted. “And it’s now a certainty that they will raise taxes on businesses in the March 27 budget and cost us even more jobs. It’s got to stop.”

Ontario needs a pro-growth, private sector jobs plan and market-driven competition and innovation, Hudak said. “Instead we have a government addicted to one-off spending binges and desperate revenue grabs, in the face of massive unemployment and a $30 billion deficit.”

Hudak’s plan for private sector job creation includes:

Lower taxes on businesses. … An end to job-killing red tape. … Enabling private sector competition for the delivery of government services. … and More affordable commercial energy rates

 Commisso concurred: “I just wish someone at Queen’s Park made the kind of tough choices we make every day to keep our business afloat,” Commisso said.  

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5 responses to “Ontario Liberal Government Fiddles While Niagara’s ‘Job Crisis’ Worsens – PC Leader Tim Hudak

  1. If Hudak can’t make hay out of the blundering done this week by Paul Godfrey, closing the slots at the beginning of the season, a season when thousands of people are coming to Niagara to celebrate the War of 1812. The lost revenues will be millions of badly needed dollars. It’s time to pull the plug on this gang of imbeciles.


  2. A few questions:

    * What is the ratio of full time to part time workers at Commisso’s?
    * What is the average take home pay? Is it a living wage?
    * Business tax rates are at historic lows, to the detriment of the public treasury. Where is the evidence that lowering them further will provide a net benefit to the public?


  3. When will you people wake up ??? If you dump on business as you want to you will only get more of what you have now !!!! UNEMPLOYMENT !!!!


  4. Actually it’s the corporations and their political allies who are dumping on the 99%. One example would be the Brampton P3 hospital. But a full explanation would require more space.

    The Drummond Report is from a banker, and even that report indicates that reducing corporate tax rates is not producing results. The Caterpillar closing in London is just one example among many.


  5. I think Taliano believes that the price of celery is the fault of 1% of the people and thus we have a right to audit the books of a grocery store.


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