Yuck It Up For An Evening With The Three Stooges!

By Doug Draper

Hey all you knuckleheads out there, and I’m not just talking to our political leaders. I’m talking to you and me, and all of us!

If the cabin fever of winter is starting to drag you a little bit down maybe it’s time to shuffle off to the classic old Riviera Threat in North Tonawanda, New York this Saturday, February 18 where you can spend an uproarious evening watching the original knuckleheads – Curley, Larry and Moe – slapping themselves silly at the greater Niagara region’s first-ever ‘Winter Stoogefest’.

That’s right folks, “for duty and humanity,” as these immortal masters of slapstick comedy once declared, Lenny Potwora, a classy fellow in a tux and a cravat, and one of the trio’s greatest living fans, is hosting the first winter version of a ‘Three Stooges Film Festival’ that celebrated its 20th anniversary as a late summer gala of Stooges flicks this past September.

I know some of you may be wondering be wondering why the publisher of a news and commentary site that prides itself in attracting intelligent and thoughtful readers would plug an evening of Three Stooges movies. But as someone who has enjoyed about a decade’s worth of this festival at the Riviera, these Stoogefests are always lots of fun.

Indeed, there aren’t too many other events these days where you can find a theatre full of normal looking people – parents, grandparents and children – all but rolling in the aisles with laughter over each one of the classic Stooges shorts light up the screen. The evening also features some introductory music performed on the theatre’s mighty Wurlitzer organ, tables full of Stooges items for sale at the back of the theatre and some of these same items being raffled on during an intermission.

So to paraphrase Curley, if you have never been to a Stoogfest at the Riviera, don’t be a snob or a snobiss. Come in from the winter cold, and give this rare evening of hilarity a try.

This February 18 edition of the Stoogefest gets started at 7 p.m. and you are advised to get to the theatre at least a half an hour early because there is always a lineup at the front doors. Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for children 12 years and under.

The Riviera Theatre is located in North Tonawanda’s downtown at 67 Webster Street. Click in the name of the theatre and its address on Google for a map that can guide you there.

(Niagara At Large invites any and all knuckleheads out there to share their views on this post in the comment boxes below.)

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