A Niagara, Ontario Resident Shares Some Kind Words for Jimmy Carter

“He was decent. …The world needs fewer Rambos and more leaders like him. I’m sure they will roll out the red carpet when he arrives at the Pearly Gates.”

Former U.S. President and life-long environmentalist and humanitarian Jimmy Carter

A Comment shared with Niagara At Large from Fort Erie, Ontario resident and retired hospital emergency care nurse Linda McKellar

Posted February 20th, 2023 on Niagara At Large

(A Brief Foreword Note from Niagara At Large – Every once in a while, depending on the subject a comment from an NAL reader is addressing, and the depth gone to make some points, we like to bump the comment up from down under the post it’s author was responding to. As 98-year-old Jimmy Carter – a true humanitarian and friend of Canada – lives out his final days of life at home in hospice, here is one of those – )

It will be a sad day when this great, honest and GOOD man leaves this planet.

I was in Egypt when the accord was signed between Begin and Sadat. That was the one time I didn’t argue when people called me an American. Jimmy Carter was so loved in Egypt for finally giving them a sense of peace and security. That accord has lasted for 45 years!

I met him and (his wife) Rosalynn in 2008 in Nepal where he was still acting as an election monitor…in his 80s! A fireball riding mountain roads in a Jeep in his jeans. I just strode up to him with my hand out to shake his.

He was gracious and friendly and laughed at me being surrounded by security. Guess I wasn’t too bright about protocol. In 2008 when he had brain cancer I sent him a letter and a photo that I took that day. He sent it back autographed by both and actually remembered my friend  and me!

An autographed photo sent to the author of this commentary by Jimmy Carter

He also stood up for Canada’s pride and rightful place when the movie Argo so distorted Canada’s part in saving the Iran hostages. He called it a nice bit of fantasy and said Americans had Canada to thank.

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, helping on one of countless sites across North America where Habitat for Humanity, an organization he has had a hand in supporting since the mid-1980s, has built affordable housing for families in need.

His Habitat for Humanity was a game changer for thousands who couldn’t afford a home and he was out there on ladders with a hammer in his hand. So was Rosalynn, who he has been married to for over 70 years.

His Carter Institute helped cure tropical diseases. He was an environmentalist before it was mainstream.

I think the only thing he didn’t do was walk on water. He was a Sunday school teacher in (his hometown of) Plains (Georgia) so maybe he can do that too! He grew up on a farm in the South and segregation was not in his lexicon.

For years he was maligned as a weak and ineffective President. I never understood that. He was neither.

He was calm and genuine. He was smart, not just a peanut farmer but studied nuclear engineering and was a submariner on a nuclear sub.

Compare that to politicians now. Their resumes are as thin as tissue paper and often phony.

Many Americans just love braggadocio. Their loudest politicians are ignorant blowhards. Recently they elected the epitome of that and he almost destroyed the country and imperiled the planet. Repercussions are still being felt.

Carter was ahead of his time.

He was decent. He was the best former President in US history IMO. Bless him and his family. The world needs fewer Rambos and more leaders like him.

I’m sure they will roll out the red carpet when he arrives at the Pearly Gates.

To read a recent piece Niagara At Large posted on Jimmy Carter, click on – https://niagaraatlarge.com/2023/02/19/paying-homage-to-a-world-leader-who-is-a-true-friend-of-the-earth/

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