At Long Last, A Little Bit of Justice

A Very Brief One by Doug Draper

Posted April 20th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

As just one, going back to my grade school days,  who has studied the ugly, violent conduct people of colour in North America have had to put up with for centuries now,  at least a  little bit of glory, glory and Thank God has to go out to the news late this afternoon of April 20th  that a jury in the U.S. State of Minnesota came out of deliberations.

It came out   and declared that a monster in a cop suit, who betrayed anything that has to do with the sworn duty of police in the United States and Canada to serve and protect, and  who destroyed the life of George Floyd, guilty of murder on all three counts.

To all of us out there, who still believe in the dream, here is a little bit of Amazing Grace.

Here is to Martin Luther King’s  dream of reaching the mountain top and seeing the other side, to a more just and peaceful day when we can all live together, regardless of the colour of skin, or our religious or sexual orientations.

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One response to “At Long Last, A Little Bit of Justice

  1. Linda McKellar

    Even without the testimony by his fellow officers and good citizens who came out against his actions, the medical testimony was damning and irrefutable. Asphyxia was Floyd’s cause of death. I watched the entire case.
    Of course the defense tried to muddy the water and defile Floyd’s character. He was an addict (as are so many). That gives no cop the right to be judge, jury and executioner over a paltry $20. He was just so arrogant that he defied everyone around him who told him to stop.
    The jury was right and simply had to decide which counts were valid. Their short deliberation indicates it was a well presented slam dunk case and they listened. He deserves a long sentence.
    Sadly now some of the public are trying to equate the Columbus incident (the young girl shot by an officer) with this case. A split second decision to save a life is not the same as a 9.5 minute decision to take a life.


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