Ontario’s Liberal Party Launches Plan for Rebuilding Province’s Public Schools

Liberal’s Action Plan for Schools represents the first instalment of the greatest investment in our schools in more than a generation

A News Release from the Liberal Party of Ontario

Posted March 29th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

TORONTO, Ontario – Doug Ford’s latest budget abandons Ontario’s students, foreshadowing a brutal cut to education.

Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca pledged that his first act if elected Premier will be to kill Doug Ford’s sprawl-spreading Highway 413, and instead use the monies that would pay for it to invest $8 billion in new money over 5 years to build and repair publicly-funded schools in every corner of the province, including in Niagara.

“Doug Ford has got it all wrong – he’s foreshadowing cuts to our publicly funded education, while Ontario Liberals are focused on the millions of families whose children deserve the best schools possible,” said Del Duca.

“I am determined to make sure that our kids and our education workers have the best learning and working conditions in the world, and I will do whatever is necessary to make this happen.”

The Ontario Liberal Action Plan to Rebuild Schools represents the first instalment of the greatest investment in our schools in more than a generation. Working closely with the province’s school boards, to ensure that needs in urban, rural and remote communities are respected, an Ontario Liberal government would build hundreds of new schools and dramatically shrink the chronic repair backlog.

This ambitious plan would include:

* Upgrading Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), boilers, plumbing and windows so that the air in our schools is safe to breathe and the water is clean enough to drink.

  • * Adding resources to ensure that Ontario’s schools can access high-speed broadband and are also climate-resilient.
  • * Creating thousands of new spaces for in-school daycare so that our kids get the best start in life imaginable.
  • * Developing a new and publicly-reported standard of good repair for all of Ontario’s publicly-funded schools.

In addition to an unprecedented improvement in the province’s education system, the Ontario Liberal Action Plan would create thousands of new jobs in the skilled trades, thereby giving hard-working families the chance to help spur our economic recovery after the pandemic.

“Ontario Liberals will work relentlessly to improve the lives of Niagara residents and all Ontarians, by investing in schools and creating jobs,” added Del Duca. “Doug Ford’s Conservatives are foreshadowing brutal cuts to education instead.”

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One response to “Ontario’s Liberal Party Launches Plan for Rebuilding Province’s Public Schools

  1. Are they going to actually improve the teaching/learning process or just spending money on building new schools and infrastructure?


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