Instead Of Wasting Taxpayers. Money On Failed Legal Battles, Ford Should Take Action on Climate Crisis

A News Release from the Green Party of Ontario

Posted March 27th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Thirty-Million Dollars!

That’s how much of our tax dollars the Ford government wasted challenging a price on pollution. Yesterday the Supreme Court decided against Ford; affirming what we already knew.


But instead of taking action, Doug Ford continues his attack on the environment by trying to pave over wetlands, increasing emissions, and driving Ontario toward more sprawl.

This week’s (March 2021) Spring Budget was an opportunity for Ford to do the right thing and listen to the voices of Ontarians demanding climate action. But instead you will only find the words “climate change” twice in the entire budget.

Tell Ford to act on climate change. (Contact Ontario Premier Doug Ford at .)

Climate investments are not just about the future. The impact of climate change is being felt every day. And it is those in the most vulnerable situations that are feeling the effects the most.



A Green Retrofit Building Program would not only help reduce climate pollution and conserve energy, but it would also create hundreds of thousands of jobs. And help families and businesses save money by saving energy.

Instead of wasting billions of dollars on new highways, Ford should be investing in the trillion dollar cleantech economy. If Ford continues to follow his climate-denying path towards mass sprawl and reckless development then it will only cost us more down the line.

This is the fight of our lifetime, but Ontario is dragging its heels.

  • Sincerely, The Green Party of Ontario

A Statement on this Supreme Court Decision from Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner –

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following the Supreme Court decision on the carbon tax lawsuit:

“This $30 million lawsuit was a politically motivated waste of public dollars.

Proceeding with this lawsuit was more proof that Doug Ford denies the urgent need to take the climate emergency seriously.

Chief Justice Wagner’s words should send a clear message to the Premier. The threat of climate change is so great that a national approach is necessary.

I’m calling on the Premier to stop wasting our hard-earned tax dollars sabotaging climate solutions with stickers that don’t stick and politically motivated lawsuits.

Greens will continue to push for urgent climate action. If we’ve learned anything from the COVID pandemic, it is the need to listen to and act on the science when confronted with a crisis. And the climate crisis is at our doorstep.”

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders


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