Canadian Supreme Court Decision Amplifies Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his Conservative Government as Climate Deniers

“Doug Ford and his band of climate change deniers are holding Ontario back from tackling the greatest challenge of our generation.”                                                                                                  – Ontario Liberal Leader Stene Del Duca

A Statement from Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca On Carbon Tax Ruling

Posted March 25th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Toronto, Ontario  – Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, issued the following statement:

“Doug Ford and his band of climate change deniers are holding Ontario back from tackling the greatest challenge of our generation. Doug Ford has spent hundreds of millions of dollars attacking the environment.

Ontario Liberals take the fight against climate change seriously and recognize the financial risks associated with inaction. Ontario cannot afford a climate change dinosaur like Doug Ford or his Conservative cousin, Erin O’Toole.

Last week’s Conservative Party Convention confirmed that Ontario Conservatives don’t believe in climate change. Some 60% of Ontario delegates voted against recognizing the reality of climate change.

Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del-Duca

Today’s court ruling confirms what we already knew, that Doug Ford’s fight against the carbon tax was nothing more than a political power play at the taxpayers’ expense.

Doug Ford has wasted millions to pander to his party’s climate change deniers by:

  • * Cancelling Ontario’s cap and trade program
  • * Spending $30 Million to fight the federal carbon tax in court* Spending $231 Million to cancel green energy projects and jobs
  • * Selling off the Greenbelt to PC donors and Ford friends
  • * Bypassing environmental protections through MZOs
  • * And fining business owners tens of thousands of dollars for refusing to display Ford’s partisan anti-climate stickers – which the courts also struck down as “unconstitutional” and “a misuse of a governing party’s legislative power.”

One thing is certain – Doug Ford does not believe in man made climate change and has no plan to address the challenge of our lifetimes.”

For a CBC report on this Supremem Court of Canada decision, click on –

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