A Message to Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff – Please Spare Us the “Pro-Life” Nonsense

The Ontario Ford government’s Niagara West MPP and anti-abortion crusader Sam Oosterhoff

“I don’t think anyone is surprised to know that I am pro-life. I have always been very clear where I stand when it comes to protecting the right to life.”                                                                              – Niagara West Ford MPP Sam Oosterfhoff in a statement he made to CBC earlier this March before speaking at an anti-abortion event by at least one group that has compared abortion to the holocaust

A Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted March 24th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Excuse me Mr. Oosterhoff. I get it that you are an ardent anti-abortion activist.

However, as a news reporter who has long had a problem with anti-abortion people attempting to pass themselves off as “pro-life,” I must say this. I’m totally surprised; in fact I am having an almost impossible time believing that you are “pro-life.”

Anti-abortion activists, as the late American satirist George Carlin famously said, are people who “will do anything to protect a fetus up to birth. But once you’re born, you are on your own.”

Some of the more extreme members of the anti-abortion movement have even shot up hospitals, Planned Parenthood clinics and doctors who perform abortions, God bless them.

To channel George Carlin one more time; “They will do anything to save a fetus. But if it is a doctor, they just might have to kill it.”

So let’s just say that Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff, who recently went ahead, despite a good deal of criticism across the province, and delivered an address at an anti-abortion event, that included some who compare abortion to a holocaust that murdered millions of Jewish people during the Second World Wary, is an anti-abortion activist, and leave it like that.


If you are truly pro-life, why are you marching in lockstep with a Ford government in Ontario that continues to allow for privately-run long-term care houses that shove money into the pockets of shareholders rather than resources for the care of seniors who have been dying there in disproportionate numbers during this pandemic?

Why isn’t the Ford government you are licking for what it is worth investing more funding in post-secondary students in Ontario, who are going suffering personal bankruptcy trying to get an education, rather than turning millions of dollars over (as you did earlier this March) to high-priced underside and college administrators to further feather their nests?

Weren’t these young people, struggling to pay obscene tuition fees in Ontario, not to mention a battery of parking and other user fees at colleges and universities, fetuses at one time.

Do their lives and the struggles they now face, do to those that would scam them for obscene tuition fees and take advantage of them for unlivable wages in the job market, mean less than a fetus?

How about the Ford government you are so proudly a part of weakening Ontario’s Endangered Species Act to please your pals in the development industry?

Surely the countless thousands of living creatures in Ontario that are listed as threatened or endangers could use a “pro-life” champion such as you too.

How about everything else the Ford government you seem to pledge such an allegiance to is doing to satisfy the greediest in the development industry who would pave over any wetland, woodlot or other natural heritage feature in their way to make a quick buck?

Those natural environments, as so much scientific research over the yeas has shown, help protect us against virulent diseases, like the pandemic we are now all suffering, and are vital to protecting us against the impacts of severe climate change.

Do you not think that the fetuses you claim to care so much about should grow up in a world less threatened by the impacts of climate change? Or is it all about doing everything you can to save fetuses so that they can grow old in a world suffering climate catastrophes?

Since the Ford government that you, as a “pro-life” person, shows such allegiance to has a record of gutting so many of Ontario’s environmental protection programs and rules in our province too, you may be interested in a new book called ‘Countdown’, written by Shanna Swan, an acclaimed environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

That book chronicles decades of scientific evidence (do you believe in science?) , details evidence that sperm counts in North American men and other party of the work have dropped by almost 60 per cent since the 1970s, and that the reproductive capacity of both men and women has significantly declined in so many other ways – due to our exposure to pollution in our environment.

This all fits in with growing evidence I was reporting on as an environment journalist at The St. Catharines Standard in the 1980s and 90s that toxic chemicals were accumulating in human bodies, and in the case of fetuses, were passing through the placenta and interrupting hormones in ways that might seriously impact on the unborn. There was also growing evidence that mothers’ breast milk was laced with these same poisons.

Mr. Oooterhoff, I have yet to see your and your fellow “pro-lifers” join the  march for a healthier, cleaner environment for all life on this planet..

So please.

Few things bother this aging journalist and veteran environment reporter more than anti-abortion zealots trying to pass themselves off as “pro-life.”

Give us a break, Mr. Oosterhoff, and cut with the “pro-life” nonsense.

Unless you are willing to openly cut away from the Ford government and join the fight to protect and preserve all life, , including endangered species and wetlands and woodlands and other green places your Conservative boss is continuing to wage war on, you have no right passing yourself off as “pro-life” sir.

All that you are really about is protecting fetuses until they are born.

After that, we can apparently expect little or no help from the government you pledge allegiance to. We are more or less on our own.

Oosterhoff and other members of the Ford government might want to give some thought to what little will be left of the biodiversity of life in this province if they continue allowing their pals in the development industry to pave over what is left our natural heritage.

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2 responses to “A Message to Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff – Please Spare Us the “Pro-Life” Nonsense

  1. Well stated… I agree that the label anti-abortionist is most appropriate vs. pro-life for many of these people.
    Especially when some men think they are in charge of a woman’s body, worse when it’s a politician.


  2. Linda McKellar

    Doug – Agree with everything you said.
    Where is this turkey when it comes to preserving a world that will be fit for all of those fetuses he dearly loves?
    We are animals yet we treat all the flora and fauna of the planet like they are inconsequential. There is this little thing called the circle of life. When that system is destroyed we will go with it. The dinosaurs had no choice thanks to an asteroid. We are making ourselves extinct. That is not hyperbole but fact. Pandemics, droughts, floods, super storms, destruction of species by climate change, even “insignificant” species we rely on for something as simple as pollinating our crops. Add to that the psychological effect of living in endless urbanization. Mad Max, here we come.
    The world is overpopulated now. Two billion at the turn of the last century is now pushing 8 billion. In many societies a man must reproduce until he creates a son (of course historically a female birth was the FAULT of the woman, ask Henry VIII’s wives). Women are less than worthless in most societies resulting in infanticide and selective abortions of female fetuses, treating women as subhuman. He wants to take away women’s control of their own bodies. That sounds like Iran or Afghanistan to me.
    Thinking that somehow the world needs more people is sheer insanity. We are on a lifeboat called “earth” and if we keep piling more into our lifeboat it will be swamped and we will all go down.
    Let women have their choice. Let them decide, not some law, particularly one made by men. A little fact, until @ two years ago, in Ireland, if a woman was raped and got an abortion, her sentence was longer than that of the rapist!
    We are denuding the earth, polluting the air and water and releasing new pandemics by displacing animals and disturbing virgin lands but hey, let’s keep on pumping out more humans. COVID came from an animal source, likely bats or pangolins. The next pandemic might just finish us off. Maybe that’s the solution. I bet some of his ilk are also antivaxxers. Good. The more people, the more conflict over land and resources. What happens when our turn for famine and drought comes?
    I might add that whenever I see little Sammy’s photo, I can’t get over the smugness and arrogance. Some faces just cry out for a slap. He needs to get off his high horse and live in the real world.
    He needs to go live in a theocracy if he dislikes our freedoms and take his delusional cultists with him. Q’anon is always accepting members.

    Liked by 1 person

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