Ford’s Niagara West MPP Embraces Group Comparing  Abortion to Hitler’s Jewish Holocaust

Self-Proclaimed “Right to Life” Niagara West MPP Same Oosterhoff, serving as  Parliamentary Assistant to Ford Government Minister of Education – still plans to headline controversial anti-abortion event

A News Release from Ontario’s NDP Official Opposition Party

Posted March 17th, 2021 on Niagara At Large

Ontario Premier Doug Ford allowing Sam Oosterhoff’s anti-abortion event to go ahead

Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education still plans to headline controversial event

Ford government Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff featured on poster for anit-abortion even by organizers comparing abortion to Holocaust

QUEEN’S PARK, Ontario — Premier Doug Ford was slated to talk to MPP Sam Oosterhoff two days ago about his plan to headline Wednesday (March 17ths’) night’s hateful anti-choice event where the hosts have compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Since Oosterhoff is still scheduled to lead that event, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is asking: is Oosterhoff fired, or is Doug Ford condoning his anti-choice crusading?

“It’s clear that Doug Ford has given his MPP the green light to attend an event that compares every woman’s right to choose to the horrors of the Holocaust. Doug Ford promised to take action, but instead of firing him from his Parliamentary Assistant role immediately, Doug seems to have given his approval,” said Horwath.

Oosterhoff is the main speaker at an event organized by student-led university groups including University of Ottawa Students for Life, Carleton Life Network and University of Waterloo Students for Life in collaboration with the National Campus Life Network.

Last month, the Network posted an article on its Twitter feed criticizing U.S. President Joe Biden’s pro-choice policy and stating: “Making abortions an ‘early priority’ is the same as Hitler who made it an early priority to kill the Jews.”

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A Footnote from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large –

Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff shows his attitude

Niagara At Large will have more to say about the Ford government’s Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff and his ongoing record of moronic, irresponsible and self-righteous behavior, and the embarrassment he is to our Niagara, Ontario region in the days ahead.

We will recall his office’s call to police on a group of Niagara seniors protesting Ford government cuts to public libraries, and his mask-less gathering at a popular Niagara Falls, Ontario restaurant that tried to ask his group to please wear masks out of respect to others, up to to this disgraceful nonsense involving his decision to speak to a group where at least some of the organizers compare abortion to the Holocaust.

We will argue that this character – a home-schooled twerp who Ford was stupid enough to make an assistant to the Ontario Minister govering our public schools – is a disgrace to our Niagara region, and he has to go.

Stay tune for more on this.

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2 responses to “Ford’s Niagara West MPP Embraces Group Comparing  Abortion to Hitler’s Jewish Holocaust

  1. Linda McKellar

    A future PC leader no doubt.
    The fetus is sacred but if old folks show up at your office reading books, call the cops.
    Arrogant young twat.
    Of course just my humble opinion.


  2. We could not agree more that Oosterhoff has to go. He has no business mixing his personal beliefs with his political goal and it is astounding (or maybe not) that Premier Ford is still not prepared to take action against him.
    One more reason for the Ford government to go asap.


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