Canada-U.S. Border Closure Extended Until At Least December 21st

With COVID-19 Case Counts Soaring, No Surprise Here

A Brief News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted November 20th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Who knows when we see traffic like this again on the Peace Bridge crossing between Niagara, Ontario and Buffalo, New York

As if the latest word from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the status of travel across Canada-U.S. border crossings come as any surprise, of course the ban on crossings for all but essential travel has been extended for yet another month.

We are now going on 10 months since the Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge and other crossings between Canada and the United States were first closed to most of us due to the global pandemic, and it is almost getting to a point where this is the new norm.

As someone who loved day visits to favourite people and places in Buffalo, New York, this Niagara, Ontario resident has all but completely accepted this state of affairs as a new norm with no end in sight.

Indeed, I almost wish the leaders of the two countries would stop this business of kicking the closed border can ahead each month and just tell us that the border crossings will be closed until further notice. If that means they won’t be open again until the summer or fall of 2021, or later, so be it.

With daily COVID-19 case counts virtually out of control now in many regions of Canada and the United States, and with a situation in the U.S. where the dear leader of that country showing no signs of giving a damn, I don’t think we needed another announcement from our leaders that the borders will remain closed.

So here we are and to all of my friends in the United States, it is almost like that lyric in an old Woody Guthrie song – “So long, it’s been good to know ya’”.



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