Let’s Not Get Careless, Folks. The Killer Virus Is Still Here & It’s Ready for a Sequel!

Ontario Hits Daily Record this this Friday, October 9th of 939 COVID-19 Cases!

Do We Really Want to Suffer Through Another Crippling Lockdown?

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted October 9th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Congratulations to all of you anti-maskers and virus spreaders out there.

Yes indeed. Here is to what appears to be fairly robust anti-mask coalition right here in Niagara, Ontario – call them ‘Hugs Over Masks’ or whatever you will.

I can’t think of them as anything other than a bunch of Trump-like screwballs and COVID-19 liberators.

Here also is to the enablers and supporters on the current Niagara Regional Council, including West Lincoln Mayor David Bylsma, West Lincoln Regional Councillor Albert Wittenveen, Welland Regional Councillors Leanna Villela and others, and to even others in in our Niagara Reginal Government who bestowed legitimacy on these wackos by allowing them to waste more than an hour and a half of public time spewing their anti-mask garbage at a Regional Council meeting this past September.

I thought of those nuts and their enablers again this October 9th, when CBC posted the following news bulletin, and it simply reinforced my view that it is time for our Niagara Regional Council and those they allowed to spew their garbage for so long to CEASE AND DESIST.

The CBC report I am talking this October 9th  began like this –

“Ontario reported 939 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday — its highest-ever daily number of new cases.

It is also the second day in a row the province is seeing record-breaking daily figures, trumping Thursday’s previous record of 797 set Thursday. Doctors are also sounding the alarm about an increased number of COVID-19 patients being admitted to intensive care units.”

So Holy Shit. Do we really want to move into a second, possibly even more destructive Second Wave of this pandemic than we have been through during the first one rising to its peak this past spring?

Yes I know, for those who think I am totally doing a dump on Niagara’s Regional Council.

A majority of our Niagara Regional Councillors ultimately voted this past September to at least extend a mandatory mask or face-covering by-law for indoor places across the region until the first months of next year.

And Thank God for that.

But why grant so much time and legitimacy to individuals for, whatever screwball reasons, want to encourage the idea of not doing a simple thing that the best infectious disease experts around the world recommend day after day – where a mask!

It would be  to great our Niagara Regional Council give as much time at one of their regular council meeting to hear from  citizens across this region who are fighting to save green  places like Thundering Waters Forsest in Niagara Falls or Waverly Woods in Fort Ere, or to hear from citizens fighting for stronger regulations for protecting trees or what is left of Niagara’s natural heritage, or to hear from people pressing for better public transit, a climate plan, a plan for more affordable housing and on and on.

Instead, we get nut jobs getting more time than those others to argue against wearing a mask in the middle of the worst global pandemic in a hundred years!

I think that one of my feline heroes –  a great cat named Tigger – could do a better job on the Region’s council on that one.

Tigger, the great celebrity and mascot cat at the Pet Valu store at the Pine Plaza on Pine Street in Thorold, Niagara, is wearing his mask. What is wrong with those who don’t. Photo by Joe Krawchuk at that Pet Valu store in Thorold

Just a little P.S. from Doug Draper at NAL –

Signs like this one, at Niagara’s Regional Government Headquarters, greet visitors 24/7.  You sure have to wear a mask if you want to get in here.

I went to check out the Niagara Regional Headquarters, where the Region’s Council Meetings normally take place, again this October 9th, and it was locked up to the public as if it were the U.S. Pentagon.

Nobodies been able to go in there, unless they are authorized staff, since late this past March, yet they hold a virtual council meeting this September, entertaining all these nuts advocating against wearing face masks.

What an insult that is to the grocery store workers, and all of the others in our communities that continue to serve us – too many of them for minimum or below poverty wages – while the Region keeps its headquarters locked down and had wackos spewing crap against wearing masks.

To read the full CBC story on the latest COVID counts in Ontario, click on https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/covid-19-ontario-cases-friday-1.5756516

NIAGARA AT LARGE Encourages You To Join The Conversation By Sharing Your Views On This Post In The Space Following The Bernie Sanders Quote Below.

“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

2 responses to “Let’s Not Get Careless, Folks. The Killer Virus Is Still Here & It’s Ready for a Sequel!

  1. History has shown that pandemics come in waves and the second wave is almost always more virulent and lethal. The viruses often have mutated. This resurgence will also coincide with the seasonal influenza as a double whammy.
    These people are idiots. They are about as bright as someone who puts garlic on the window sills to keep out vampires!
    Quarantine fatigue has also set in. Too bad, so sad. Is death preferable?
    I lost a grandfather and aunt, (his infant daughter) on the same day in the 1918 epidemic….but they died in 1920! The first wave was in early 1918, February to April, and killed 26,000 in the US but the second wave killed 292,000 from September to December of 1918. The second wave killed ten times more than the first.
    What do scientists know? Councilors seem to believe they know more.
    What can history teach us? Nothing apparently.


  2. Pure propaganda right here, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    A Brief Reply from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

    Ashamed of myself? To the contrary, I am proud to stand by the advice of globally respected pandemic and infectious disease experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci. The “propoganda” is coming from elsewhere, dear reader.


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