National Poll Shows Over 40 Percent of Canadians Are Self-Described Climate Voters

COVID-19 Crisis and Climate Crisis both important,  finds Friends of the Earth


News from Friends of the Earth, one of the world’s longest lasting environmental organizations

Posted October 10th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

In releasing a new national poll, Beatrice Olivastri, CEO, Friends of the Earth said, “Despite COVID-19, climate is clearly on the minds of Canadians. Forty-two percent of respondents described themselves as climate voters.

The findings of this poll point to a caring Canadian society that wants immediate pandemic relief while understanding that climate action is needed now to save future generations from grave harm”

The COVID-19 pandemic is seen as the most important issue that will have long term consequences by an equal number of males (36%) and females (35%). But women put climate change at the same level of concern (34%) as COVID-19 while men (22%) see it as the second most important issue.

Economic concerns including deficits (9%) and the economy (12%) as well as health care (6%) rounded out the top five – with males tending to have a higher recall of economic issues.

More than 81% of respondents are concerned about climate change and the threat of potential climate disasters.  Eighty-five per cent of females are concerned, more than males (75%).

When asked to consider what the federal government could do to reduce climate impact, one third of respondents said implementing federal regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was most important.

Three in ten want financial incentives to either make their residence more efficient (16%) or to be able to purchase energy efficient appliances (13%). More than two in ten said they want support for cleaner vehicles or fuel (12%) or support to design and produce clean technology (10%).

When asked whether the respondent considered her/himself a climate voter or someone who votes on issues related to climate change, 42% said they consider themselves to be a climate voter. Results were at half or 50% for females, but only a third or 33% for males.

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About Friends of the Earth Canada – Friends of the Earth Canada stands on guard for Mother Earth and her people — taking action to confront polluters, holding governments to account for their promises and insisting they enforce laws.

We insist that each and every resident of Canada deserves a clean, safe environment and can exercise his or her environmental rights to make it so.

We stand in solidarity with vulnerable people and communities to confront the impacts of climate change and toxic pollution.

Friends of the Earth Canada (FoE) has grown from a small group of volunteers in 1978 to one of the country’s most important voices speaking out on environmental issues.

We are affiliated with the world’s largest grassroots environmental network — Friends of the Earth International — which has 75 national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent.

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