Remembering Our ‘Great Guy’ Dexter

We Sure Miss You Buddy. Even More During These Perilous Times

Dexter, on his back, catching a few rays. File photo by Doug Draper

By Doug Draper

Posted August 27th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Dexter, on his perch, in an open-air cat house in our backyard.

Every now and then, while sitting on the back porch of our home, I still look up expecting to see those beautiful green eyes stark g back at me from a perch near a bedroom window where he loved to sit on a warm summer day.

Then I am reminded, once again, that he is gone.

The perch where he sat is empty. Man how I miss that wonderful cat and wish so much that he was still here, looking on with those eyes that seemed to reflect a such a boundless spirit and a wisdom of the ages.

Chilling out in one of his favourite armchairs.

Those big green eyes belonged to a cat with a caramel-coloured coat named Dexter, who our family lost at age 15, on August 27th, 2019, a year ago.

And man how we miss that cat, and all of that spirit and energy that was such an inspiration in our home when any of the rest of us felt a little down.

We lost Dexter one month after we lost another great feline in our home, Dylan, who had just turned 20, which is quite a feat for any cat.

Together, they were “the boys” in our home and we miss them all the more during this time of the plague, when we’ve spent so much time isolated at home.

‘The boys- Dylan and Dexter – enjoying a cat nap together.

Remembering Dexter and Dylan. On behalf of my wife Mary and daughter Saraha, we sure do miss you boys.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

Just thought I’d leave you with this. For anyone who has lost a beloved cat, here is a song performed by the rock group Queen and written by one of its member, Brian Mays, in memory of a cat he lost in his younger years. Click on the screen below to listen and watch  –

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4 responses to “Remembering Our ‘Great Guy’ Dexter

  1. We feel your pain Doug Draper. Memories. Over the last five years we lost three of our fur babies, all black, all rescues. The last one was almost seventeen. We agreed that, after more than thirty years, having lost several friends, we would no longer be “kitty parents”. Until that is, just one month after Shadow crossed the Rainbow Bridge, a scrawny brown/silver tabby walked in the house. We offered some food and, for more than a week, she ate and ate and ate. Now, she has been spayed, chipped, inoculated, dewormed and is being loved like she probably never was.


  2. Oh, that song is so sad. We know the pain you feel. Big Hug for caring.


  3. Doug and family that is an absolutely beautiful tribute to your beloved pet cats that were fortunate for having you as their family. Believing you will meet again.


  4. We fondly look back to a couple of dear kitties’ antics and personalities as well. They do leave paw prints on our hearts. Now we are serving the king of the domain, our black, part Maine coon cat, Houdini. He was the survivor of an extremely difficult past. He is now making up for that time with his head-butting, charming and demanding ways.


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