Trump’s America Moves To Destroy Our Arctic And Kill Off The Last Of The World’s Polar Bears

United States Pushes Forward With Plans For Big-Oil Arctic Drilling

A News Release From The World Wildlife Fund

Posted August 21st, 2020 On Niagara At Large

In Response To The Trump Administration Releasing A Record Of Decision That Will Allow For The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Coastal Plain Leasing Program To Move Forward, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Issued The Following Statement From Margaret Williams, Managing Director, Arctic Program:

“Drilling In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Poses An Intolerable Risk To One Of Our Nation’s Greatest Natural Treasures. The Refuge Is One Of The Few Places Remaining In The World Where Wildlife Has The Freedom To Roam, And Communities’ Ancient Traditions Are Deeply Rooted To The Land And Sea.

“The Administration Has Once Again Prioritized Unsustainable Development That Will Exacerbate Climate Change. It Also Has Undercut The Ability Of This Sensitive Environment To Support Vast Herds Of Caribou And The People Who Rely On Them, As Well As Denning Polar Bears, Musk-Oxen, And Birds From Every State And Continent.

“Even The Financial Community And Major Institutions Are Showing Leadership By Refusing To Fund Development In The Arctic Refuge And We Urge All To Refrain From Backing Any Project That Threatens The Communities And Natural Systems Of America’s Arctic.”

About the World Wildlife Fund – For Nearly 60 Years, WWF Has Worked To Help People And Nature Thrive.

As The World’s Leading Conservation Organization, WWF Works In More Than 100 Countries. At Every Level, We Collaborate With People Around The World To Develop And Deliver Innovative Solutions That Protect Communities, Wildlife, And The Places In Which They Live.

For more on the World Wildlife Fund and its heroic work for protecting animals and our life-giving biodiversity around the globe, click on –

It is all about greed and ‘give me what I want’ at any cost for the Trumpies. Here is another portrait of “Making America Great Again.” And they have the nerve to say that they are Jesus people. Damn them! Where is the voice of Canada’s leaders?

A Footnote from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large –

What in hell is it with the idiots that continue to support Donald Trump?

Are they so greedy for whatever they think he is awarding them now in stock dividends and the like that they don’t give a shit about their chidlrens’ and grandchildrens’ future.

Shame on these people! May they burn in hell.

By the way, when is Canada’s Prime Minister going to stop standing there in front of a podium, for however seconds, end on end, a nd have the guts to speak out against this assault on our shared Arctic environment?

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

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