America – You’ve Become The All-Too Scary Neighbour Next Door

Watching What Was Once a Beacon for Democracy Morph in to a Totalitarian State

A Brief Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted July 20th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

To an adoring, cult-like following of millions, Trump spews his messages of division, anger and hate.

Far be it for me to write anything like an open letter to America.

I certainly don’t have the stature to do that, and I am not sure who on the planet – except maybe Greta Thunberg and those other young people pleading for a future free of climate and other calamities  – does.

Yet if I were to draft such a letter, it would be all about expressing the horror I now feel witnessing a country that is losing its breath under the knee of fascist leaders and how very scary it now is living in a Canada that, for more than a century, prided itself in sharing one of the world’s friendliest, most peaceful borders with the United States.

Before I go on though, let me put what I am trying to say in context by showing you this – a new ad that has just been put out by a group of former U.S. Republican Party operatives calling itself The Lincoln Project.

Click on the screen immediately below to watch the new Lincoln Project ad –

In the days before this ad came out, I’m sure many millions of people in other parts of the world, including this Canadian, have been watching the news of Trump and his fascist attorney general Barr crushing peaceful protesters near the White House this past June 1st.

All of this state-sanctioned bullying so that Trump could do a photo op, holding up a Bible he’s probably never read, in front of a nearby church that did not want him there, and certainly made it clear of their objections to clubbing and gassing Black Lives Matter protesters to clear the way.

A mob of neo-Nazis – chanting “Jews will not replace us,” and which Trump called “good people” – marching on a university campus in Virginia three years ago

Then there has been the most recent footage of militarized goons in unmarked cars, clubbing and tear gassing protesters in Portland, Oregon, and hauling some of them away, without any explanation, to makeshift cages.

The mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon and openly begged Trump to remove these heavily armed thugs from the state, but Trump is making a show to the white supremacists and neo-Nazis in his base to keep them there, crushing heads.

We find out through this that reportedly, these storm troopers or “secret police” or whatever else one chooses to call them are reportedly U.S. customs and border agents, suggesting that on any other day – outside of Trump’s mad orbit – Canadians and people from other countries around the world might find ourselves dealing with them at border crossings or inspection areas at airports.

Trump militarizes the lawns in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. with soldiers and tanks during the July 4th, 2019 ceremonies. Even the Reagan administration three decades ago just had The Beach Boys in concert.

Problem is that we know, Trump and his millions of followers have little or no use for “foreigners,” and may be quick to view them as a threat or “the enemy” if Trump tells them to.

Canadians have already watched Trump and his minions list our country, for reasons that never made any sense, as a “security threat” over the past couple of years, and just earlier this year, Trump tweeted about possibly lining our shared border with U.S. troops.

So what if he orders these border and customs officers to start roughing Canadians up if he feels it may be to his political advantage to do so? Given all of the madness unfolding in Trumpland right now, it would not be out of the question.

And if these officers are willing to come down as hard as we’ve seen them on U.S. citizens, what chance do we have if they are ordered to come after us?

Point is that between COVID-19 the spiralling completely out of control in many U.S. states, and this kind of bullying and violence, orchestrated by someone who holds the highest, most powerful office in the land, I am sure I am far from the only Canadian who is now saying – “Why in hell would I want to go over there!”

Trump and his attorney general henchman Robert Barr used violence to clear an area outside of the White House of peaceful protesters so he could hold a Bible upside down in front of a nearby church. It was apparently all for his adoring fans in the Christian evangelical community.

Sorry America, I have enjoyed visiting the United States all of my life and have many good friends there. But you are going to have to purge yourself of Trump and his totalitarian ways to get me to go back now.

Meanwhile, and as your ‘dear leader’ continues turning off so many once-friendly allies, what great company you are in with the brutal thugs running states like Russia, North Korea and Communist China.

When you get rid of Trump and get someone decent in the White House, like a Joe Biden, who wants to rejoin the free and democratic world, write us an open letter and let us know.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

4 responses to “America – You’ve Become The All-Too Scary Neighbour Next Door

  1. Linda McKellar

    I for one….among many others…am afraid of what this mad man might do. Unlike the EU or Australia that sit back watching the show with a bag of popcorn and a beer, we are in the cross hairs. If clown boy wins again through chicanery, what might he do next? What if he loses and refuses to go? Very real, frightening possibilities. What influence might the US Republican party try to inflict on our politics? Simply go on You Tube and see the proliferation of bots criticizing Canada, our people and our leaders with lies and propaganda. This man refuses to lose and will go to any lengths to protect his fragile ego. His braggadocio is all a cover up for his inadequacies and failures and as things spiral out of control he will unravel more and more and do ANYTHING he can to preserve his power and protect his delusions.

    I would like to list a few comments, if this is allowed, from his niece Mary Trump who is a psychologist and has witnessed her dysfunctional family from the inside. Talk about dysfunctional. A despicable lot.
    “Donald couldn’t distinguish between mockery and flattery.”
    “He doesn’t seem to notice that his need for affirmation is so strong that his supporters are people he wouldn’t condescend to be seen with outside a rally.”
    “His is far beyond the garden variety of narcissism. His ego is so fragile that it must be bolstered at every moment because he knows deep down he is nothing he claims to be.”
    “He’s not suffering stress from the job because he isn’t doing it. The big effort is to keep people distracted from the fact that he knows nothing including simple human decency.”
    “He is unprepared to solve his own problems because others have always solved them for him.”
    “Donald’s talent for deflecting responsibility while projecting blame onto others came straight from his father’s playbook.”
    “As Donald’s failures grew so did my grandfather’s need for him to appear successful.” It was all a facade. “In Donald’s mind he accomplished everything on his own merits.”
    “He is much as he was at three, incapable of growing, learning or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses or take in information.”
    “The walls of his very expensive and well guarded padded cell are starting to disintegrate.”
    “Putin, Kim and McConnell, all of whom bear more than a passing resemblance, recognized that Donald’s history and personality flaws make him extremely vulnerable to manipulation by smarter more powerful men.”
    “He has always wielded cruelty against people who are weaker or constrained by their duty or dependence from fighting back.”
    “He has a sociopathic disregard for human life or the consequences of his actions. He is incapable of acknowledging the suffering of others.”
    “Donald’s monstrosity is the manifestation of the very weakness within him that he’s been running from his entire life.”

    His own niece is terrified of the disaster that will result if he is reelected.


  2. Robert Chisholm

    In the 38 years since I emigrated to Canada from the U.K., I’ve visited the U.S. just once – specifically, New York, in 2010, for just a couple of days because the family wanted to go. Unusual, perhaps, but having had my life in Canada ruined by corruption in business which has all been covered up, I don’t have any success story to tell any Americans and so no money worth speaking of. So I won’t deal with Americans in any capacity whatsoever until I can rectify that situation. Until then, I’d just be dismissed by them as “…not tough enough…”, “boring” , a “loser” and “…damaged goods from Canada that nobody needs…” etc. and I won’t permit any possibility of such outcomes happening on account of all the usual popular, wrong and mis-informed stereotypes about people constantly out of work. I suppose you might find one American in a million who thinks differently from the rest of them, but I wouldn’t bank on any such possibility in this type of dog-eat-dog world where everybody is grasping and angling for political advantage over everybody else, in order to show off to their little cliques how “tough” and righteous they think they are and to keep “outsiders” out. As far as I’m concerned, this is a world dominated by little office cliques and little social cliques and “in-groups” discriminating against “out-groups” based of the flimsiest “excuses” – because they think they can, based on how the rest of society behaves.


  3. He’s a scary fascist.


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