We Repeat – Keep the Canada-U.S. Border CLOSED!

A Brief Commentary by Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

Posted June 23rd, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Trump doesn’t see any pandemic. From a cover earlier this year of The New Yorker magazine.

At the risk of possibly repeating myself, I think it is important enough to the state of our health in Canada to say this again anyway.

If you have the least bit of  doubt about the decision Canada’s Prime Minister and our Premiers across the country did the right thing negotiating with the United States to extend the closing of our shared border to non-essential traffic for at least another month – to the last week of July, this might be enough to wipe your doubts away.

Just click on the screen immediately below and watch a bit of this from MSNBC’s Morning Joe program this June 22nd –

Given the reckless and dangerous way the self-described “stable genius” in the White House is failing to handle the continued, srill rowing threat of COVID-19 to people in his country, we Canadians can’t afford the risk of letting any of those people cross the border to our country – not after all the sacrifices we have made, and the risks our front-line workers have taken to control the pandemic here.

I have many dear friends in the United States and I miss them, but most of them are sensible enough to understand why that border must remain closed for the indefinite future.

Trump’s adorers all packed together at June 20th Tulsa rally with no masks because apparently real Republicans don’t wear masks. To bad someone couldn’t now talk all of these people into taking a cruise, then keep them off-shore for six months or more to keep the COVID case count down. Meanwhile, keep them on the American side of the border!

By the way, Canadian snowbirds – all of the mostly older people who like to spend half their year living in Florida – might want to get used to the idea of staying home in Canada this winter.

The Trump-friendly nut of a governor they have down there in the Sunshine State is just beginning to find out that this killer virus – now spiking in his state – doesn’t give a damn if he thinks it is a hoax.

Keep this bridge closed to all but absolutely essential traffic for as long as necessary, please.

Just as a brief recap, the Canada-U.S. border was first closed to all but essentially, mostly commercial traffic in late March, and an extension of that closing has been bumped ahead, month by month, ever since.

And yes, there is some speculation among experts and other close watchers of this pandemic that this could be the way of things for quite a few months longer, with much thanks to Trump and the insane way he has handled this whole COVID nightmare.

If are still not convinced that we can’t take a chance on anyone with a licence plate from a U.S. state that worships Trump as if he were a gift from God, crossing our border bridges into Canada any time soon, check out this video –

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

One response to “We Repeat – Keep the Canada-U.S. Border CLOSED!

  1. Screw the liberal panicking about a mild virus that at the time I write this has not directly killed anyone in Ottawa, Ontario for months.
    It’s not a pandemic if no one is dying. A pandemic is not a few thousand cases in a country of thirty five
    It’s also very unsophisticated to keep the Canadian economy in shackles over something as innocuous as it is turning out to be.
    Time to reopen the border to let snowbirds escape to summer climes … if you can fly, you can drive.
    If Trudeau wants to milk the pandemic to his benefit who cares. Let the liberals stay inside their frozen tiny apts and houses on lockdown. The rest of us? We look forward to trump letting us drive to the USA and take out money with us back into the us economy for six months.
    Screw the facist liberals who want to lock us all in our homes and force us to wear masks.


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