In a Time of Pandemic, Can We Still Have a Summer Where ‘The Livin’s Easy’?

Let’s Begin this Summer with a Collective Pledge to Chart a more healthy, prosperous future for ourselves and for generations to come

Let’s Stand Up for an Environment healthy enough to Fight Off Pandemics!

A Call-Out for a Summer we might re-image our way through to a Better Future by Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper

Posted June 21st, 2020 on Niagara At Large

This summer say Yes to places like Waverly Woods in Fort Erie, where this wonderful one lives, and to places like Thundering Waters Forest in the Niagara River watershed in Niagara Falls, and to other places like them in our region, and say ‘NO’ to the greedy developers and the political toadies among us who wish to destroy them for some bucks.

Hello again to everyone I am privileged enough to speak to each day through to this totally independent, online news and commentary site.

How are you doing in these post-apocalyptic times? I hope you are at least doing okay at a time when so many among us and around us have suffered sickness and loss of life in their families.

With strength and wisdom, we can collectively, as communities, see one of these darkest of times through to a better future. We can sweep aside those who have backed plans to destroy even more of what are left of our wetlands and woodlands and farmlands.

With strength and wisdom, we can work with political leaders in this Niagara Region and at the provincial and federal government levels who will chart a healthier, more prosperous future for our future and for the future of our children.

Here is a first-full-day of summer song called ‘Summertime’ and performed by two of the greatest – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I have been loving this for years and heard it again this June 21st on Michael Enright’s CBC Radio Sunday Edition.

To hear and watch this classic version of George and Ira Gershwin’s Summertime,click on –

 Let’s work together to say a complete ‘NO’ to more greed vandalizing and destroying what is left of our farmland, our woodlands and our wetlands in a Niagara River watershed, and to watersheds to Lakes Erie and Ontario that are so vital to our health!

Coming out of this pandemic, any politician in Niagara who has little or nothing to say about vandalism like this in a Niagara River watershed so significant to the health of our Great Lakes – this occurred just in the last number of months in the Thundering Waters Forest – should be marginalized and ultimately elected out of office.

NIAGARA AT LARGE encourages you to join the conversation by sharing your views on this post in the space following the Bernie Sanders quote below.

“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

2 responses to “In a Time of Pandemic, Can We Still Have a Summer Where ‘The Livin’s Easy’?

  1. A very thoughtful post, Doug. Much appreciated. I too listened to Enright this morning as always and will miss him dreadfully after his last broadcast next Sunday. He’s the best of the best.


  2. Dawn Pierrynowski

    So many politicians. Too few leaders. I’m glad to be acquainted with a few of them.. Thank you Doug, John, Marcie, Liz, Owen, Tim, Joyce, and many more.


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