In Trumpland, Death Count Is Now 100,000 and Counting!

Thank You Mr. Prime Minister, for Your Part in Keeping the Canada-U.S. Border Closed to Non-Essential Travel At Least Until June 21st

A News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted May 26th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

A profile of two “leaders” at U.S. Memorial Day services – Trump with no mask, and the Democratic Party’s presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, wearing one.

The United States has passed another tragic milestone in this time of COVID-19 – one that doesn’t appear to rattle – not even a wit – the millions of mask-shunning Trumpies across the “land of liberty” where, so the thinking seems to go; ‘To hell with the common good. I should be able to do whatever I want.”

“And oh, by the way, how is my investment portfolio doing?”

The startling front page of this Sunday, May 24th, New York Times. No pictures and the names of the COVID victims just goes on and on, spilling over to inside pages of the newspaper

Barely more than three days after a Sunday edition of The New York Times, under a headline that read; ‘U.S. Deaths Near 100,000, An Incalculable Loss’, and just two days after American cable networks broadcast split screen images of U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his wife Jill, wearing masks as they laid a wreath for Memorial Day in their home state of Delaware, and of Trump and his water boy, Mike Pence, at Arlington National Cemetery, not wearing one, the COVID death toll in America has, as of the afternoon of this May 27th, 2020 surpassed that grim six digit figure.

“One hundred thousand, “ read an editorial in the New York Times that accompanied four pages of the names, ages and short tributes to a mere 1,000 of the deceased.  “The immensity of such a sudden toll taxes our ability to comprehend, to understand that each number adding up to 100,000 represents someone among us just yesterday.”

On the Memorial Day weekend that The New York Times published those solemn words along with three pages of COVID victim’s names, not everyone in Trumpland seemed focused on those  casualties or on those who gave their lives in past wars, including the one in Vietnam that their dear leader, President ‘Bone Spur’ managed to dodge not just once, but at least two or three times while daddy was paying his way through college.

Donald Trump, serving his country? Why would he do a thing like that?

Those who proudly call themselves “Trump girls” don’t wear masks in big crowds either.

A “stable genius” of a mind is a terrible thing to waste on serving one’s country during a time of war , whether it be a shooting war fought on battlefields in some foreign land or during a time of pandemic in his own country – even when he fancies himself, much to the astonishment of anyone able to see through the fog, a “war-time president.”

So while he shuns a mask as if wearing one would be a sign of weakness for such a macho man, countless numbers of his followers across the land liberated themselves on the Memorial Day weekend at crowded beaches and bars, and at pool parties like one that went viral on Facebook in a place called Lake of the Ozarks in the State of Missouri where Trump-worshipping cowpokes proliferate.

“Everyone was enjoying themselves,” one of the partygoers was quoted saying later. “It was a very carefree environment.”

How nice. I am sure that at least a few of the now more than 100,000 people in America who were still above ground, living their lives only a few months ago, would have loved to join you.

Unbelievable, to turn on the cable news or pick up a paper and read about all of this while the madman in the White House tweets ugly, hurtful nonsense about his political enemies.

A pool party in the U.S. during the Memorial Day weekend this May

Unbelievable that has the Coronavirus death toll hit 100,000 in the U.S. this May 27th, CNN reported polls showing that somewhere between 35 and 40 per cent of Americans still think that Trump is handling this health disaster well.

That is one third of the people in the country who still apparently go along with this dangerous nutbar and the cavalier, almost dismissive way he is treating a killer virus than any other that has come along since the flu pandemic of 1918.

When you see all of this – and I feel sorry saying it in front of our good neighbours in New York State who have worked so heroically with their Governor to get their COVID case numbers down – I say thank god the Canada-U.S. border is still closed to all essential travel.

It might be okay to open it if we could somehow make a deal with New York that only people from that state and a few others in the northeast United States could cross. But that would apparently be impossible.

So here we are, with a death count in the United States now totalling more than 100,200 as of this post, and now more than 5,700 across Canada, with more than  2,100 of those lost souls in Ontario.

The global death toll from this pandemic, as of this posting, totalled almost 355,000 and counting.

You can click on a world map that continuously keeps a count of COVID cases and deaths around the globe. Here is the link –

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 “A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

3 responses to “In Trumpland, Death Count Is Now 100,000 and Counting!

  1. Michel Sastre

    Actually, just now at 8:30 pm. the count is 102109 (in the United States).


  2. SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE – and yes, it has already been corrected in the body of the story. For Canada and Ontario, I made the mistake of identifying the total number of confirmed cases to date as deaths. The actual number of confirmed COVID deaths to date total more than 6,700 in all of Canada and more than 2,100 in Ontario. Once again, my apologies, Doug Draper, reporter/publisher, Niagara At Large


  3. Linda McKellar

    The same day the US death count hit 100,000, Eric Trump tweeted –


    It seems the odds of having several malignant narcissists in the same family are very good.


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