How We Can Assist Brock Students in Need During These Difficult Times

Brock University in Niagara Creates COVID-19 Student Emergency Bursaries

A Call-Out from Brock University in Niagara, Ontario

Posted May 5th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

The unrelenting compassion we have witnessed from our Brock University community during the past several weeks has been nothing short of inspiring. We are incredibly proud of our community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and cannot thank our essential service and healthcare workers enough for their sacrifices.

As an institution, Brock University has been dedicated to responding to the pandemic in positive ways, from forging new partnerships, swiftly implementing new ways of learning and providing financial aid to students through the creation of our COVID-19 Student Emergency Bursaries.

Since the beginning of April, our alumni, faculty, staff and members of the Board of Trustees have come together to support these emergency bursaries, for which we are immensely grateful. As a unified community we have been able to award over $ 150,000 in financial aid to students who desperately need it.

Yet, with more than 500 applications received from students requiring assistance, the need for support continues to grow. We remain committed to supporting them, but we cannot do it alone.

If you are in a position to give, please join the charge to ensure no student is left behind. If you are not in a position to give, we wholeheartedly understand.

Thank you for thinking of our students during these challenging times.

The Brock Fund

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            COVID-19 Emergency Bursaries

Thousands of students are facing extraordinary challenges due to the pandemic. Help support students in dire need of financial aid today.

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