Ford Government Reverses Stance Under Public Pressure, Finally Declares Community Gardens ‘Essential ’

Some ‘Good News’ from Craig Cantin, Green Party of Ontario

With an Afterword by Doug Draper at Niagara At Large on the ‘What Gives’ with ordering Community Gardens Shut Down while keeping Certain Other Places Open.

Posted April 26th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

From Craig Cantin for the Ontario Green Party – 

I have exciting news for you.

The Ontario Government Has Declared Community Gardens To Be An Essential Service.

Even during these uncertain times, victories are possible with people powered change.

This Is Because So Many Of You Choose To Take Action.

As a small-scale farmer, I know how important this decision is for tens of thousands of ontarians who rely on this source of food.

From The Bottom Of My Heart, Thank You For Standing With Us.

This Is A Win For All Ontarians.

  • Craig Cantin, Director Of Development, Green Party Of Ontario

An Afterword  from Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper –

One would think that declaring community gardens “essential” in the first place, rather than include them on the list of places and activities to be restricted or shut down, would be a no brainer.

Although maybe the use of the term ‘no brainer’ is a bit of a redundancy when it comes to Ontario’s premier, Doug Ford.

Typical lineups at a Niagara area Walmart store – they are deemed “essential” by Ontaro government, even while community gardens were not.

But seriously, why would you close down community gardens, where neighbourhoods of people can grow some healthy food?

Who would you do that, yet continue to call liquor and beer stores essential?

How about places that sell food grown out of country, and has been treated and  sprayed with good know what,  and may be of questionable health value?

I’m talking about places like Walmart (that, unlike many other big box  retailers, gets way with keeping its outlets open in Ontario and many other jurisdiction because it also has something resembling a grocery store inside walls), and the drive-thru windows of fast-food restaurants that sell greasy fries and shit burgers.

After first not making the Ford government’s list of places and activities considered “essential,” community gardens finally get the respect they deserve.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that liquor and beer stores should be part of the current shutdown, however sad some of the reasons are for  keeping them open.

However, closing hardware stores people need for parts to  repair and maintain their homes, while allowing Walmart to stay open? Now that, one might well argue,, is a different. story.

What’s sad however, is that it took something equivalent to hitting Doug Ford and his Tories over the head with a tire iron six or seven times, in the form of a blizzard of public complaints and, yes, call-outs from Ontario’s fledgling Green Party, to get them to finally recognize community gardens people rely on as a source of healthy food as essential.

  • Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

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One response to “Ford Government Reverses Stance Under Public Pressure, Finally Declares Community Gardens ‘Essential ’

  1. Thankfully, a bit of common sense among the frenzy of illogical and ill-thought-out ‘rules’


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