Trump’s Gutting of Environmental Rules for Wetlands and other Water Bodies Threatens All of Us – in Canada and the U.S.

Some of the Trump Juggernaut’s Most Recent Attacks on Water Protection Rules Post Risks for 36 Million Americans and Canadians Living in the Great Lakes Basin

A News Commentary by Niagara At Large reporter and publisher Doug Draper

Posted January 20th, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Since the celebration of the first Earth Day 50 years ago this coming spring, Canadians and Americans have both had their share of weak federal, provincial and state governments when it comes to doing what is right to protect the water and air we collectively share and count on for our health and prosperity.

Yet none – I believe it is safe to say- come close to matching the current administration of U.S. President Donald Trump when it comes to the hyper level of abandon and psycho-like relish it employs as it eviscerates so many of environmental protections that generations of citizens, scientists and government agencies have worked so hard, with their counterparts in Canada and other regions of the world, to put in place.

Trump is moving to rip apart water protection rules that would protect wetlands like this one, which many citizens in Niaara and other regions of Ontario are fighting to save in Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls.

According to some of the latest reports in major American media outlets, Trump and his all-too-many supporters and followers are now hard at work – outside any consultation they should be doing with knowledgeable scientists in what is left of what was a world-class Environmental Protection Agency before they began hollowing out it – rolling back policies and programs for protecting wetlands and other critical bodies of water.

A January 18th story in one of America’s major newspapers, The Boston Globe, reports on these cuts from the context of the serious impact they could have on the health of New England watersheds.

This warning sign on the U.S. side of Lake Erie – a lake where this toxic material has been spreading in waters on both sides of the border in recent years.

But obviously these cuts could have very harmful impacts on the shared, bi-national waters of the Great Lakes too, and could roll back necessary protections at a time when communities on the Ontario and U.S. sides of the Great Lakes are wrestling to save what wetlands we have left, to address toxic algae blooms that threaten drinking-water supplies and billion-dollar recreational and commercial fisheries, and to overcome other challenges we share together to protect the quality of these water bodies for present and future populations.

What is also disturbing about these environmental protection rollbacks, and others the Trump administration is making to programs for fighting air pollution and climate change, we hardly hear a politician in government on either side of the Canada-U.S. border, including here in Ontario, raising their voices in concern.

A recreational and commercial fishery worth billions of dollars to people in both countries around the Great Lakes is at stake here. Where is the outcry from politicians.

Where are our municipal, provincial and federal politicians when it comes to speaking out against this unprecedented deconstruction of environmental protection rules? Do they care?

Below is the headline and the first few graphs of The Boston Globe story referred to, along with a link for the remainder of the article if you can or care to get past the newspaper’s pay wall to read the rest.

Following The Boston Globe story, Niagara At Large is also including the first few paragraphs and a link to a report from the U.S. TV Network CNBC on a number of huge rollbacks the Trump administration has been making to environmental programs –

Trump’s EPA is said to cut scientists out of new water policy that threatens New England wetlands

The Boston Globe, January 18th, 2020

With the Trump administration poised to roll back key protections for much of the nation’s wetlands, scientists at the US Environmental Protection Agency are accusing the agency’s political appointees of ignoring their advice and barring them from shaping sweeping new guidelines, violating the agency’s longstanding policies.

As soon as this weekend, after three years of attempting to scale back a raft of other environmental regulations, President Trump is expected to announce a far-reaching new policy that could drastically curb protections of the nation’s streams and wetlands and impact critical headwaters across New England.

Read the full story at ( .

A CNBC report from December 24th, 2019

President Donald Trump has taken historically unprecedented action to roll back a slew of environmental regulations that protect air, water, land and public health from climate change and fossil fuel pollution.

The administration has targeted about 85 environmental rules, according to Harvard Law School’s rollback tracker.

Existing environment regulations are meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions, protect land and animals from oil and gas drilling and development, as well as limit pollution and toxic waste runoff into the country’s water. The administration views many of them as onerous to fossil fuel companies and other major industries.

For more information on the environmental rollbacks, CNBC is highlighting in its December 2019 report, click on –

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