Here’s  Wishing for a New Year and a New Decade Where Caring for Each Other and this Planet We Share with All Creatures Great and Small Prevails

In this New Year 0f 2020 and this New Decade, Let’s All Resolve to be ‘Doves with Claws’

A New Year Message from Doug Draper

Posted January 1st, 2020 on Niagara At Large

Looking back at the decade that has just past, I think it is fair to say that it was a mixed bag of good people doing, or at least trying to do good things, and of bullies and creeps working around the clock to force feed the rest of us on whatever they had stewing in their cauldrons of poison.

There have been all too many bullies and creeps – what I have sometimes likened to the flying monkeys in the haunted forests of Oz Land – working their black magic on the international and national stage, and yes, even right here in our Niagara region.

There is one of those flying monkeys now, taking away poor Toto

Thanks to just enough Niagara residents going to the polls in the October 2018 municipal elections, and thanks to the emergency of a new region-wide citizens watchdog group called A Better Niagara that helped galvanize fellow citizens to vote), a critical mass of bullies and creeps were swept from elected office at the local and regional levels of municipal government.

Yet not all of the bullies and creeps are gone, and courtesy of a system of crass partisan appointments that is begging for reform, some of these bullies and creeps have already popped up in other positions, on boards and commissions and so on, so we have to remain vigilant.

There is our old friend Alred E. Newman of Mad magazine fame, taking care of some of the bullies and creeps on the American side of the border.

As much as we should and must strive for more decency and civility in public life, we still have a whack a mole game (or Whak A-Holes, as some call it) going with some of these characters. And as much as some out there (and you here this too often from newly elected or re-elected members of council) want us all to simply “move forward” and put the mallet down, we have to stay vigilant because you never know what these characters may be plotting and where they are going to pop up next.

So as we begin this New Year and this New Decade which may very well be our last chance to avoid a climate catastrophe on a scale that terminates life on this planet as we know it, let’s make a pledge to each other to usher in a new era of decency and civility and to create a more caring and sharing culture to live and build a healthy future in.

At the same time, always, always keep that mallet close at hand because as had been shown so many times in the past, bullies and creeps prey on nice people who let their guard down.

The late great American singer/songwriter Johnny Cash, who was a genuine humanitarian, took to describing himself as a “dove with claws,” meaning that his first aim was for peace and understanding with people, but ‘don’t try messing with me either’.

So there is a New Year’s resolution for all of us – to be “doves with claws.”

And finally, I leave you with the messages in this YouTube video, set to the music of The Guess Who’s 1970 hit ‘Share the Land’ –

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“A Politician Thinks Of The Next Election. A Leader Thinks Of The Next Generation.” – Bernie Sanders

2 responses to “Here’s  Wishing for a New Year and a New Decade Where Caring for Each Other and this Planet We Share with All Creatures Great and Small Prevails

  1. and to you & yours….20-20 vision Joanne



  2. Gary Screaton Page

    Doug, may 2020 be a fulfilling new year for you. Thank you for Niagara At Large. Your vision and hard work are a blessing to your readers. No “fake news” here. Peace to your family. Continue to be the change agent that you are.


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