Hotel Dieu Shaver Receives $1.15 Million as Part of Government’s Investment in Hospital Infrastructure

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Posted December 20th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

 St. Catharines, Ontario – This December 18th  at Niagara Health’s St. Catharines site, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Christine Elliott announced a government investment of $175 million to help hospitals across Ontario maintain infrastructure to ensure safe and comfortable environments for patients, their families, medical professionals and administrators.

This afternoon MPP Sam Oosterhoff of the Niagara West riding was proud to announce that Niagara’s Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre will receive over $1.15 million of that funding envelope – $1,154,712 to be exact.

MPP Oosterhoff said, “These investments will help ensure that patients receive the care they need in a safe and comfortable setting.  Seemingly small things like well-functioning roofs, windows or heating and air conditioning systems, fire alarms and back-up generators can make the world of difference to a patient’s experience.  This funding will help ensure that hospitals across Ontario are able to make the needed upgrades and improvements so patients and families have access to the reliable, quality care they expect and deserve.”

Lynne Pay, Interim CEO of Hotel Dieu Shaver, states “We are heartened by this government’s recognition of the integral role rehabilitation serves in reducing hallway medicine – helping to keep our Niagara residents out of emergency departments or long term care and returning them to the highest quality of life possible.”

Pay also states, “This funding will go a long way in helping our staff and physicians continue to do the important work that is needed by so many.”

Ontario is investing $175 million in repairs and upgrades to 131 hospitals this year through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund. In addition, Ontario is investing $7.2 million to address ongoing urgent and/or emergent infrastructure renewal needs for community health service providers who met specific criteria on a priority basis, through the Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund.

As a regional hospital, Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre provides comfort, care and hope to 400,000 Niagara residents through rehabilitation, complex care and geriatric programs.

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One response to “Hotel Dieu Shaver Receives $1.15 Million as Part of Government’s Investment in Hospital Infrastructure

  1. Niagara Health gets $1.75 M for all its hospitals, Shaver gets $1.15 M for its site. How serious is the Ford ‘Oligarchy’ wanting to keep Niagara Region Hospitals open? Hamilton gets $9 M for its infrastructure: Hamilton Health Sciences is getting nearly $6.6 million of the maintenance funding while St. Joseph’s Healthcare has been allotted nearly $2.4 million.


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