Following Cruel Shooting Incident, “Baxter” the Cat is Now Healing and Available for Adoption

Investigation of Shooting Leads to Niagara Falls Man being Charged with Five Counts of Animal Cruelty

Baxter the cat is on the mend and looking for a loving home

A News Release from Kevin, ExecutiveDirector/Animal Cruelty Inspector, Lincoln County Humane Society

Niagara Falls, Ontario – In September, 2019, the Lincoln County Humane Society responded to a complaint of a cat being shot with a BB gun, by a resident of Niagara Falls.

Shortly after the shooting, Niagara Regional Police Officers attended thescene and quickly brought the cat to the LCHS Animal Clinic for care. Overthe next few days the cat, now named “Baxter”, remained in critical care ata veterinary hospital.

While his prognosis was very poor, Baxter has nowalmost made a full recovery and will be available for adoption soon at the LCHS in St. Catharines.  In support of Baxter the LCHS provided over $2,500 worth of veterinary care, which has only been partially been covered by donations.

This October 9th, following the completion of the investigation, the LCHS laid 5 countsof animal cruelty against a Niagara Falls man. These charges include causing and permitting distress and failing to provide care for an animal. He is scheduled to appear in a Welland Courtroom in early December.

“We were very concerned for Baxter’s well-being and he overcame an extremely difficult hurtle, with an incredible will to live” said Kevin, ExecutiveDirector, Lincoln County Humane Society.

Baxter at play

“He now struts around, like he isin charge”, he continued.   Baxter will be available for adoption and the LCHS will be accepting applications starting today and ending October 16, 2019. The LCHS reminds people that our shelter has many other cats for adoption as well.

The LCHS is the only organization in Niagara tasked with providing Animal Welfare Cruelty and Neglect investigations in all 12 municipalities and employs 6 Animal Cruelty Inspector – Peace Officers, appointed by Chief Inspector through the Ministry of the Solicitor General.

The LCHS works under contract with the Ontario Government to provide investigations and prosecution of those responsible for both provincial and criminal acts of animal cruelty.

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A Footnote from Doug Draper at Niagara At Large –

As we all learned from the news release above, there is a cost involved in helping animals like Baxter, and kudos to the Lincoln County Humane Society for its willingness to pay it.  If you have the means to make a donation to the Lincoln County Humane Society to help animals like Baxter, click on the following link for more information on how you can do it

Finally, and in the name of Dexter and Dylan, two feline members of our home that we lost to the challenges that come with old age this summer, I hope that justice is done in this case and that we don’t have a court, as we too often have had in the past in Ontario, that takes acts of cruelty against animals other than humans far too lightly.

Along with the suffering done to the animal, numerous studies have been done by the FBI in the United States and other bodies around the world that show that people who can commit acts of violence on a cat or a dog, can go on to do it to a member of their family or other persons.

Acts of animal cruelty should never be taken lightly or treated with less seriousness than acts of cruelty to fellow human beings.

Doug Draper, in memory of Dexter and Dylan

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