NPCA Welcomes Citizen Appointees To Board Of Directors

Ed Smith, a St. Catharines citizen activist and retired Canadian Armed Forces officer who spent the past four years demanding openness and accountability from the old NPCA board, will now take a seat on the new board.

One of the Appointees is St. Catharines citizen Ed Smith, who defeated a lawsuit filed against him over the past four years by the old Bruce Timms/Sandy Annunziata board of the Conservation Authority

Smtih was sued after airing a list of questions and concerns about the way the NPCA’s last boards and mangers were doing business with millions of our tax dollars

A News Release from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Posted May 17th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) welcomes four new members to its Board of Directors, following a Niagara regional council decision this May 16th.

The newly appointed Board members are Bruce MacKenzie from Town of Grimsby, Ed Smith from City of St. Catharines, Leah Feor from Town of Fort Erie, and John Ingrao from City of Welland. They will replace outgoing members and Councillors Jeff Jordan, Brian Heit, Tom Insinna, and Pat Chiocchio.

Four new Niagara citizen appointees from St. Catharines, Welland, Fort Erie and Grimsby will soon be sitting on the NPCA board.

“We are extremely grateful to the outgoing members for their commitment and dedication to the NPCA since their appointment at the beginning of this term,” says Dave Bylsma, NPCA Board Chair.

“Our Board has been successful in closing a number of important files and showing that we’re operating the way we are meant to operate. We look forward to working with our new members as they help us move the NPCA forward and continue to rebuild public trust and provide accountability and transparency to the organization.”

The role of the Board of Directors is to approve all policies, procedures, and annual budgets, provide direction on strategic priorities and be accountable to the public for the successful operation of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, among other responsibilities. The current Board is comprised of 18 members; 12 from Niagara Region, four from the City of Hamilton, and two from Haldimand County.

“I am pleased to welcome our four newest members to our Board of Directors,” adds Diana Huson, NPCA Board Vice-Chair. “It is important to have a board of directors that is composed of individuals who complement each other with knowledge from various sectors, and different skills and experiences. These are all very well-qualified individuals in their specific areas, who are passionate about the environment and will certainly be an asset to the Board and the organization.”

The next NPCA Full Authority Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled to meet on June 19 at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area.

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Stay Tuned.)

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2 responses to “NPCA Welcomes Citizen Appointees To Board Of Directors

  1. Sheila Krekorian

    Sanity and the voice of reason returns: thanks Ed Smith and all who made this happen.


  2. What should have happened the last time this issue came up has finally occurred. People say the NPCA board moves to slowly for no good reason. But it is a tiny step forward.


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