Two Paris Police Officers Found Guilty Of Raping Niagara, Ontario Woman

Niagara Activist Emily Spanton Wins Some Justice in France

A Brief One from Doug Draper, Niagara At Large

Posted February 1st, 2019

Emily Spanton

St. Catharines resident Emily Spanton said in a courtroom in Paris, France this January while two French police officers, accused of raping her while she was visiting the country as a tourist in 2014, were found guilty and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Emily ran, but fell short of winning a seat on Niagara Regional Council in last October’s municipal elections in a field of more than 20 candidates in St. Catharines vying for six seats on the Region’s Council.

She is a passionate citizen activist in the region, joining many other citizens across Niagara who has been fighting to save Thundering Waters Forest in Niagara Falls, pressing to get what is supposed to be our Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority back to focusing on protecting and conserving our environment first again, and for more transparency and accountability in municipal government.

Emily is also an excellent photo journalist and a number of her photos have been featured in media outlets across this region of Ontario and others, and she has been generous enough to share some with Niagara At Large.

Niagara At Large joins with others in wishing Emily well in her future as she continues to heal from her horrific experience in a city of the world that should be about beauty and love for a visitor.

Emily Spanton with an attorney, heading into court in Paris, France this January

Here are the first few lines from a CBC story, posted late this January, on the court case, following by links to full stories posted by CBC and The Guardian –  

“Two French police officers from an anti-gang unit were found guilty on Thursday in Paris of raping a Canadian tourist.

The officers, now identified as Nicolas R. and Antoine Q., were each sentenced to seven years in prison and also ordered to pay fines equivalent to $30,000 Cdn, according to French news channel LCI.

Emily Spanton, a counsellor from St. Catharines, Ont., was visiting Paris in April 2014 when she met the officers at an Irish pub and later was given a tour of police headquarters, where the incident occurred.”

To read two full accounts of this case, from the CBC and The Guardian, click on the first link below, then the other – .

Below  is a photo taken by Emily Spanton and posted on Niagara At Large and published in The St. Catharines Standard and other newspapers repeatedly over the past year. It was taken in December of 2017, just moments before St. Catharines Standard reporter Bill Sawchuk was ordered out of Niagara’s regional headquarters after having his notes and computer illegally seized by members of the former Caslin administration –

This photo by Emily Spanton does a good job of capturing how outrageous this assault on a news reporter’s rights was as The Standard’s Bill Sawchuk is just moments away from being ordered to leave a public building we should all be welcome in.

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One response to “Two Paris Police Officers Found Guilty Of Raping Niagara, Ontario Woman

  1. My feelings and thoughts are mixed. I am ashamed of men who rape. I suffer with this poor victim. I am proud she would tell her story in public.. But I wonder about her level of common sense. She should have learned a thing or two about certain men at her age, especially in a bar setting. I am very mixed up knowing some surface details connected to this horrible event.


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