Join the citizens group A Better Niagara for its first in a series of Community Meetings across the region

One and All are Invited to this First Community Meeting on Sunday, January 13th from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at Civic Square,           60 Main Street, East in Welland

A Public Notice from A Better Niagara

Posted January 10th, 2019 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Foreword Note from Doug Draper, Niagara At Large –

A Better Niagara is a network of citizens from across our Niagara region that organized before last October’s municipal elections to encourage their fellow citizens to get engaged and vote in those elections for positive change for our future.

Debbie Zimmerman, a former Niagara regional chair and municipal councilor, fielding questions from  area citizens in St. Catharines a year ago this January as a guest speaker at a Better Niagara session on getting engaged in the coming October 2018 municipal elections. File Photo courtesy of Emily Beth Spanton

This veteran Niagara reporter would join many others across the region in arguing that voters in those October elections certainly delivered by casting out a good number of bad actors, particularly at the regional government level where the conduct, over the past four years, of far too many on the Region’s council was disturbing, to say the least.

So many, if not all of us, might agree that generally speaking, we have a far better assembly of Regional Councillors and Mayors for local municipalities across Niagara than we did just three and a half months ago – and we certainly have a better Regional Chair in former St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley.

The citizens who make up A Better Niagara could say that too and call it a day for this organization, but it is great for democracy and the well-being of our region that A Better Niagara has decided to stay in place and play an ongoing watchdog role.

It doesn’t matter how much better we may feel our regional council and at least some of our local councillors are now, compared to what we had half a year ago, the surest way to keep our municipal councillors accountable and responsive to the needs and concerns of their communities is to let them know that we are there watching and ready to keep their feet to the fire.

So stay engaged or get engaged, if you haven’t been already, and participate with A Better Niagara and other citizens groups like it to make sure our municipal councillors are working in the best interests of our communities.

Now here is A Better Niagara’s invitation to you to join the group in its first in a series of post-municipal elections community meetings –   

Ed Smith, a St. Catharines citizen and community activist who defeated a lawsuit filed against him by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority after he raised concerns about the way that body spends our tax money. Smith is a director of A Better Niagara and will be at the January 13th community meeting in Welland to join in discussions with those who attend.

Niagara, Ontario – A Better Niagara invites community members to help us create an action plan for the next few years. Our first community meeting will be held in Welland, on Sunday, January 13th from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at Civic Square, 60 Main St. E. in the Community Room.

Ed Smith and our directors will be on hand to provide a short overview of our work over the past year and then we will break into small groups for facilitated discussions so we can hear what you think our priorities should be for the next couple of years.

Please help us with this important planning exercise that so that we can continue to represent your interests as we advocate for good governance.

This is the first of a couple of community meetings planned around the Region. It will be followed by a meeting in St. Catharines, date and place to be announced soon. Space is limited.

Please RSVP to .

Thanks for your continued support of A Better Niagara

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders



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