At Long Last, Niagara’s Regional Council Votes To Call Ontario Ombudsman In to Investigate CAO Hiring

A Brief from Doug Draper

Posted August 24th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Questions about the integrity of the process used to hire this man – Carmen D’Angelo – to the CAO job at Niagara Region may now be addressed by Ontario’s Ombudsman. Niagara’s regional council approved calling the Ombudsman in to investigate the matter at a special meeting this August 23rd.

Niagara, Ontario – Following four months of damning headlines and public uproar, Niagara’s regional council has finally voted to do what many members of the public and a handful on the council believed it should have done in the first place – call Ontario’s Ombudsman in to get to the bottom of concerns that the process used to hire Niagara Region’s CAO may have been tainted or corrupted.

A motion, calling on Ombudsman Paul Dube’s office to conduct “a full investigation of all matters” associated with the hiring of CAO Carmen D’Angelo two years ago, finally received unanimous approval this Thursday, August 23rd at a special meeting of Niagara’s regional council

The call for the Ombudsman to come in also follows the Region spending more than $90,000 in legal fees alone to investigate the growing CAO hiring controversy, only to continue being dogged by public criticism that individuals inside the Region were “investigating themselves” and key steps to root out key information needed to get to the bottom of the matter were not being taken.

It was also disclosed at the August 23rd meeting that D’Angelo’s contract for the $230,000 a year CAO job, initially believed to run for three years when the council approved his hiring in October, 2016, may have been extended by Niagara Regional Chair Al Caslin to run to 2022 or a total of six years.

Niagara At Large was at the August 23rd special meeting and will have more news and commentary on this story later this August 24th and in the days ahead.

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One response to “At Long Last, Niagara’s Regional Council Votes To Call Ontario Ombudsman In to Investigate CAO Hiring

  1. The CAO is not a personal secretary for the Regional Chair. The Chair has no authority 1) to arbitrarily give D’Angelo permission to miss the special meeting last week and 2) extend D’Angelo’s contract without council.


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