Fight Back Canada! Hit Donald Trump and His Family in their Money Bags, Where It Hurts Most

Target Trump Head-On. Slap Sandions On His Own Company and Assets

A Call-Out from Avaaz, a 47-million-people, online global campaign network

Posted June 27th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Dear friends across Canada,

Donald Trump might seem like a joke, but his tariffs on Canada are serious. It’s time we fight back — by hitting him where it hurts.

Trump’s trade war could cost thousands of Canadian jobs, and if we retaliate, we’ll mostly hurt hundreds of thousands of Americans who didn’t vote for him. That’s why a new idea has emerged to target Trump head-on — sanctions on Trump’s own company and assets.

We know the number one thing America’s billionaire president cares about is his family’s web of profit making companies around the world. And if Canada does it, other governments could get on board, and finally put Trump in his place. It’s time to hit Trump where it hurts:

Defend Canada, sanction Trump’s companies

The last few weeks have been bonkers, but the consequences of Trump’s outbursts for our economy are serious. Trump’s levied bogus tariffs on Canada, one of the United States’ number one trading partners, on the pretense of “national security” — and to add insult to injury, after the G7 he had a Twitter flame-out and called Trudeau “very dishonest and weak.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

The government is reviewing retaliatory tariffs right now, and social media is blowing up with talk of a Canadian boycott on US consumer goods, but our fight isn’t with the American people — it’s with their blowhard president. That’s why a new idea is picking up steam ahead of Canada’s July 1 ‘deadline’: retaliating with tariffs and sanctions on the brand-conscious president’s own companies.

Minister Freeland just said “We welcome ideas from all Canadians on what should and should not be in our retaliation list.” Let’s get this simple, genius idea to the top of the list — sign and share with everyone across the country:

Defend Canada, sanction Trump’s companies

I think we all identified in some way or another with Trudeau’s statement that we Canadians are reasonable, but we won’t be bullied around. It’s something we share with the whole Avaaz movement, a willingness to organize with smarts and strategy to defend fairness whenever and wherever it’s under attack.

With hope and determination, Danny, Fatima, Emma, Melanie, Alis, and the whole Avaaz team


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