MPP Wayne Gates, Fort Erie Race Track CEO Respond  to “Inflammatory Comment” from Niagara PC Candidate

A News Release from the campaign office of Niagara Falls MPP and NDP incumbent Wayne Gates

Posted May 15th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

(A brief foreword note for NAL readers – In this news release Wayne Gates, the NDP incumbent in the Niagara Falls Riding that includes Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake, Gates and and Fort Erie Race Track CEO Jim Thibert respond to comments this May 14th by Gates’ PC challenger Chuck McShane that gates has failed to keep promises to get the long struggling race track off of “life support.”)

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates hosting Town Hall on Healthcare in Ontario

Fort Erie, Ontario – Niagara Falls NDP Candidate Wayne Gates and CEO of the Fort Erie Race Track, Jim Thibert, issued a statement in response to local PC candidate’s comments about the future of the Fort Erie Race Track.

“We have fought tooth and nail alongside the community to save the Track. When I took office four years ago the Track was slated for closure and as a community we have stopped and reversed that,” said Wayne Gates, the incumbent MPP for ta Niagara Falls Riding that includes Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake.  

“We raised the track over and over again in the Legislature and those jobs weren’t eliminated. The Track now has a long-term funding solution in place and we’re on the path to undoing the damage that was done there” Gates added.

“I’m not surprised that Doug Ford’s local candidate has no idea what the economics of the Track are – he hasn’t been in the fight with us over the last four years,” said Gates. “He’s willing to say virtually anything , even if it’s not true and insults the work this community has done to get elected, that’s just shameful.”

CEO of the Fort Erie Race Track Jim Thibert also commented on McShane’s comments “as CEO at the Fort Erie Track I can advise that I’ll be issuing a notice to Mr. McShane that he should cease using inflammatory comments about the Fort Erie Tracks economics and future. The facts are quite clear that since 2010 that the Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium has been working with the Government to maintain the track and move to sustainability.

Throughout it all and over the last three years in particular we have been working with Treasurer Sousa and MPP Gates to build confidence in the racing industry and with our partners, breeders, trainers, fans and staff as we work towards long-term sustainability in Fort Erie and Ontario. We have been successful at achieving both a 20 year contract, additional funding to race 40 days and opportunities for increased revenues to help us get to full sustainability.

Mr. McShane has not been briefed by the FELRC that I am aware of. If he believes in the Track and our people he should not use inflammatory, inaccurate and emotional statements for his own political purposes” said Thibert.

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One response to “MPP Wayne Gates, Fort Erie Race Track CEO Respond  to “Inflammatory Comment” from Niagara PC Candidate

  1. Thank you Wayne Gates for your determination to keep Fort Erie alive & kicking. We all appreciate your pit bull effort in fighting for our survival.


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