Ontario  NDP’s Hydro Plan Means 30 Per Cent  Lower Hydro Bill

 Ford/Wynne hydro Scheme means 70 Per Cent Hike

A News Release from Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s Election Campaign

Posted May 15th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

People frustrated with painfully high hydro bills face a clear choice this election, said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, laying out a contrast between her plan for a 30 per cent hydro bill reduction against the Ford/Wynne plan for a 70 per cent hydro bill hike.

 “Across this great province, families are working harder and harder to keep up with the bills. Seniors are worried about whether they can afford to stay in their homes. And some are struggling with heat-or-eat decisions,” said Horwath.

“Doug Ford and Kathleen Wynne share the same hydro scheme, and it’s one that will cause hydro bills to soar by another 70 per cent after the election.

 “Hydro isn’t a luxury, and it shouldn’t be priced like one. We can do better for every hard-working family in Sudbury, and across the province. Our plan will get hydro bills down by 30 per cent, and keep them down.”

 Kathleen Wynne lied about her plans, selling off Hydro One despite public opposition to the privatization. And instead of standing up for Northerners who are suffering because of his boss’ wrongheaded hydro scheme, Glenn Thibeault has defended it – betraying Northern families. Privatization of hydro, started by the Conservatives, caused hydro rates to rise 300 per cent under the Liberals – and Hydro One continues to propose price hikes.

After facing strong criticism for being on the side of privatization, and with Ford’s full support, Wynne is plowing ahead with a plan to borrow billions to temporarily, artificially keep hydro bills from skyrocketing again before the election. But, the multi-billion-dollar borrowing scheme will soon need to be paid off, putting $40 billion in new charges onto hydro bills for households and businesses.

 “People can’t afford the Wynne/Ford hydro scheme,” said Horwath. “It’s time for Ontarians to own more of our hydro system, and pay less for hydro every month. Now that will be change for the better.”

The NDP released a comprehensive plan to change the hydro system in early 2017. It includes:

  • Returning hydro to public hands
  • Ending mandatory time-of-use premiums
  • Ending the practice of charging rural and northern families more than everyone else for delivery
  • Ending the oversupply of power
  • Commits to aggressively renegotiating or cancelling overpriced contracts that lines the pockets of rich corporations

The NDP hydro plan is available at ontariondp.ca/hydro .

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