A  Sick Fixation On Gun Rights Continues To Take A Horrific Toll

Absolutely No One In Civilian Life Needs Assault Weapons. Their Only Purpose Is To Kill

A Commentary by Linda McKellar

Posted February 18th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

What is shocking and disgusting in the wake of the mass shooting at a high school in Florida this past February 14th is that we all know the names and faces of the gunmen before we know the victims? Murderers should be made as anonymous as possible and not given glory.

A makeshift memorial for young victims of mass shooting at in Florida

That’s what many of them want and what inspires other crazies. We remember murderers  – Gacy, Dahlmer, Manson…. Who remembers victims?

And when it comes to any talk of sensible gun laws following one of these mass shootings; “Now is not the time,” we hear every time. When is the time?

In the United States, you need all kinds of ID to buy some benign pharmaceuticals but not to buy a gun. You can be on a “no fly” list and buy a gun. You can buy guns at a gun show.

Social media is full of the tin foil hat types that can influence others to violence but these media let them slide. They don’t monitor or report.

Trump’s thinly disguised hate speech makes bigotry and hate not only acceptable, but even admirable. People who commit spousal abuse, sexual assault, protest with Nazi symbols and other such idiots are described by this jerk as “good people.” Or reports of their behaviour (however disturbing) is denied by Trump as “fake news”.

He tries to blame mass shooting incidents on mental illness but then cut funds for mental illness! This is Trump logic. There is mental illness everywhere in the world. The difference, in other countries, is that  they don’t have easy access to assault weapons and 60 round clips. And when are the shooters taken down? When they reload.

NOBODY ….absolutely nobody… needs assault weapons. They have one purpose and one purpose only, TO KILL.

This AR-15 semiautomatic rifle is a weapon of choice in mass shootings in America. Any time talk of restricting access to guns heats up after a mass shooting in America, sales of these weapons often spike.

If you hunted with one, all that would be left of Bambi would be a hoof (yum!). To protect your home, what about a handgun that shoots six bullets? (One father in Western New York accidentally shot his own son, mistaking him for an intruder.)

Target shooting? … RENT them at the range.

The gun mentality is SICK.

America’s founding fathers included the 2nd Amendment back when the weapon du jour was a musket and defense was needed against the British and so called “savages”.

Try a mass shooting with a musket! By the time you reload, nobody would stay around to be shot. See – https://youtu.be/LORVfnFtcHO for a laugh about a guy going into his office to shoot people.

Even the country’s founders provided for amendments to allow changes with the times but gun ownership is sacred. Laws change as needed. Do we still have buggy whip factories or runners in front of horseless carriages?

John Oliver on You Tube, (https://youtu.be/ECYMvjU52E) did a series on the gun laws instituted in Australia, another gun loving nation that fought the legislation tooth and nail.

The country’s prime minister lost his post for installing tougher gun laws but now most Australians agree with him and there has not been a single mass shooting since.

Politicians interviewed in Australia said they had to do what was right. In the United States, their concern is doing what they have to do to get re-elected.


Linda McKellar is a retired hospital nurse living in the Niagara, Ontario community of Fort Erie.

Her comment on the mass shooting incident this February 14th in  Parkland, Florida was shared  in response to a commentary posted this February 15th by NAL publisher Doug Draper on the subject, and has been reposted on its own here given the high level of attention this gun disaster has received across the U.S. and Canada.

This past Saturday, February 17th, at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a young student names Emma Gonzalez from the high school where the massacre that snuffed out the lives of 17 of her school mates took place, gave a passionate speech that you can hear and watch by clicking on the following screen –

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders




One response to “A  Sick Fixation On Gun Rights Continues To Take A Horrific Toll

  1. This girl deserves the Nobel!

    The head of the NRA should be charged with accessory to murder.


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