Licensed Marijuana Facilities in Pelham/Niagara – What You Need To Know

  “By connecting with the correct party (Health Canada), who has the appropriate jurisdiction, residents will hopefully have their concerns remedied in a timely manner.” – Town of Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn.

A Message from the Town of Pelham in Niagara, Ontario

Posted February 6th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

Pelham, Ontario – If you smell one of the rural Ontario’s newest agricultural odours you are encouraged to contact Health Canada directly. You may also want to notify the Town and your Member of Parliament.

As licensed marijuana growing facilities begin or continue operation, it is important to remember that they are federally regulated – by Health Canada – despite being physically located in and around town.

Recently, reports of marijuana odour from a facility in Pelham have been brought to the Town’s attention.

As citizens learn more about the rules and regulations regarding the legalization of marijuana, they may not be as familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding licensed facilities.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Pelham has five, federally licensed, marijuana growing facilities.
  • Marijuana growing facilities in greenhouses are considered to be agricultural in use.
  • The Town of Pelham zoning bylaw defines agricultural use as a use of land, building, or structure for the purpose of, amongst other things, horticulture and greenhouses.
  • The Town of Pelham’s zoning bylaw defines a greenhouse as a structure used to cultivate or grow floral, vegetable, or other horticultural produce in a climatically controlled environment.
  • Licensed facilities are federally regulated, the Town has no jurisdiction to impose penalties or regulations.

Health Canada conducts routine inspections of licensed producers to verify their ongoing compliance. When specific complaints are received, Health Canada may also conduct compliance verifications.

You can email your complaint to the Office of Medical Cannab is or call 1-866-337-7705

You may also want notify your Member of Parliament Dean Allison at: .

In addition to contacting Health Canada, and notifying the MP, the Town asks its residents to fill out a formal bylaw service request form:, so that resident complaints can be tracked at the municipal level.

“As we become aware of odour concerns we are encouraging residents to contact Health Canada directly,” said Mayor Dave Augustyn. “By connecting with the correct party, who has the appropriate jurisdiction, residents will hopefully have their concerns remedied in a timely manner.”

For more information on licensed facilities and their regulations, visit:  

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