Massachusetts Gets A Great Power Deal From Quebec. What Is Ontario Waiting For?

Ontario’s Wynne Government  muddles forward with plans to rebuild aging nuclear reactors at tremendous expense

A Commentary from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Posted Februrary 5th, 2018 on Niagara At Large

On the heels of signing an agreement to supply Massachusetts with enough power to meet the needs of one million homes at the barn burner price of 3 to 5.3 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), Hydro Quebec says it is still ready to make similar deals with Ontario and New York.

Meanwhile, Ontario muddles forward with plans to rebuild aging nuclear reactors at tremendous expense and is about to hold hearings on the safety of keeping the 47-year-old Pickering Nuclear Station (surrounded by 2.2 million people) running for up to another 10 years. As a result, Ontario Power Generation has told the Ontario Energy Board that it will need to raise its price of nuclear power to 16.5 cents per kWh.

Hydro Quebec has already offered Ontario power at a great price (5 cents kWh) only to have this province respond with the bizarre claim that the offer wasn’t competitive enough — despite it being less than one third the cost of rebuilding and extending our aging nuclear fleet.

Now Quebec is making it clear it won’t wait forever for Ontario to come to its senses and will prioritize deals with those jurisdictions that are ready to reap the benefits of its low-cost, renewable power right now.

The giant Pickering nuclear reactors along the northern shores of Lake Ontario. The province’s Wynne Liberal government seems to have glued itself to its own plans to spend billions upgrading nuclear plants rather than moving more progressively to other less costly and potentially much safer energy options.

With five months until the next provincial election, could this be the moment when our opposition parties finally get serious about offering real solutions to dealing with rising electricity costs and begin to champion making a deal with Quebec?

Are there any candidates for the PC leadership ready to offer real help to Ontario power users by promising to quickly ink a deal with Quebec? Will the NDP make a money-saving Quebec deal part of its “pocketbook” promises to help average Ontarians? The next few months should be very interesting.

Please contact Interim PC Leader Vic Fedeli [ ], potential PC Leadership candidate Caroline Mulroney [ ] and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath [ ] and ask them to champion a long-term deal with Hydro Quebec to lower our electricity bills.

Thank you. -Angela Bischoff, Director, Ontario Clean Air Alliance

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One response to “Massachusetts Gets A Great Power Deal From Quebec. What Is Ontario Waiting For?

  1. Another massive simplification of the situation from an anti nuclear lobby group. For more info on the challenges of buying power from Quebec try

    Remember …the Government, as well as obtaining environmentally acceptable power at the lowest cost, has to make sure we have enough power to keep the province running. The consequences of failing to do so are very dramatic.


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