Is The Ontario Government About To Announce It Is Moving Forward With A New Hospital For South Niagara – In The Southwest Corner Of Niagara Falls?

A News Brief from Doug Draper

Posted October 28th, Ontario on Niagara At Large

Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has sent out a media advisory that the province’s Health Minister, Dr. Eric Hoskins, will be in Niagara this coming Monday, October 30th to make an announcement.

Ontario Health Minister Eri Hoskins to make announcement at proposed Niagara South hospital site in Niagara Falls this October 30th

The health minister, according to the October 27th media release, will be making the announcement in the southwest corner of Niagara Falls at the corner of Lyons Creek and Montrose Roads, just off QEW  – and guess what that is the site of.

That’s right.

Some of you may already know that is the place where, for the better part of five years, south Niagara municipalities, including Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Port Colborne and Wainfleet, agreed through negotiations  with Niagara Health (formerly the Niagara Health System) responsible for operating the regions hospital services, agreed to build a new hospital for south Niagara.

A billboard has been sitting at the site ever since and many, including this journalist, have wondered whether the provincial government would ever move ahead with plans to spend more than half a billion dollars building another new hospital there or anywhere else in Niagara at all – especially since a new one was already opened within the past decade in west St. Catharines, and people in the Grimsby area have been waiting, with fading hope, for the province to approve plans to replace the old West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in that part of the region.

But now we have news that the Minister of Health is coming down to the Niagara Falls site to make an announcement, and having the minister himself actually coming in usually means the government has something pretty major to say – and not of a negative nature or the minister would be more likely to stay away.

Billboard for site of new hospital near QEW in southwest end of Niagara Falls

And let me finish with what may be an unpleasant thing to think about for people who want to save the close to 500 acres of Thundering Waters Forest, including the wetlands, located nearby this proposed hospital site.

If they do move ahead with plans to build the hospital, the value of lands around it are bound to skyrocket because people like being near a hospital, and that could increase the pressure to urbanize at least some of the Thundering Waters Forest lands astronomically.

You don’t need to be an urban planner or a real estate expert to consider that scenario. It is a no brainer.

We shall see what unfolds.

Hoskins is scheduled to make the announcement this coming Monday, October 30th at 2 p.m.

Stay Tuned.

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3 responses to “Is The Ontario Government About To Announce It Is Moving Forward With A New Hospital For South Niagara – In The Southwest Corner Of Niagara Falls?

  1. It is a Niagara Falls hospital – not South Niagara insofar it is located in the extreme north east section of South Niagara. Like the St Catharines Hospital it is being built in the boonies with inadequate public transit therefore forcing people to use private vehicles and pay for parking.
    Have they purchased the additional land required for the hospital? Bragging about the land being donated only to discover that the required additional land can be purchased at market value – smart move by the decision making parties.
    Have they planned for adequate staff parking so they don’t experience the same lack of parking at shift changes? Hopefully this new hospital is will be considered as an extension of the Welland Hospital be the Greater Niagara General Hospital.


  2. The redevelopment of Grand Niagara Golf Course is more likely. Hopefully they will also announce also that one of the South Niagara hospitals (e.g.. Welland) will remain open.


  3. Another new fiasco is born….. as if any of us will actually live to see it. Everyone with a clue has said from day one….15 or 20 years ago….that the Welland area was the most central for Fort Erie, Welland, Port Colborne, Wainfleet and all of the areas chronically ignored and underserved. It is easily accessible for parts of Thorold and some in the Niagara Falls area. Also, the land there is pretty much useless for any other purpose.

    That could have been and should have been the site for a single mega hospital that would have served St Catharines as well. A mega hospital is the only thing that could have possibly attracted the specialists and equipment the peninsula requires for cardiology, neurology, opthamology and other vital specialties, none of which are available without travelling to Hamilton or Toronto or London, which is crazy and often futile when time is of the essence. The cumulative population of our area is great enough to deserve some respect.

    Are residents in the peninsula less important than those in the big cities? Apparently so. Yet, with this in mind, my taxes in the sticks are as much or more than those for some million dollar homes in the GTA yet they get all the best services from health facilities to public transit. We can’t even get regular GO train service to Hogtown.

    The North St Catharines hospital is a nightmare to access and half way to Hamilton. Why it was built where it is remains a mystery known only to a few….people like financiers and those with special agendas.

    Why listen to the people? What would they know? Pencil pushers aren’t front line workers or the people who actually require the services. Let’s get people from Queen’s Park. They know everything. Hope they have a GPS to find the site.


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