Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Welcomes Auditor General’s Audit

NPCA Announces that 2 Staff Members Are Returning & Unveils Huge Initiatives

A News Release from  the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Posted October 26th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

NPCA chair and Fort Erie regional councilor Sandy Annunziata

Niagara, Ontario. – At a celebration held today . (October 25, 2017 at the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area, the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) was pleased to learn that the Auditor General has agreed to audit the NPCA. Chair Sandy Annunziata shared the following statement:

“With today’s announcement, we are grateful for the news that the Boards request to invite the Auditor General to conduct a value for money Audit of the NPCA has been approved. It as our hope that all CA’s in the Province will follow the lead of the NPCA and invite the Auditor General of Ontario into their organizations.

We will be reaching out to the AG and setting up meetings with our Audit Committee in order to start the process. We look forward to providing all resources and information to the Auditor General’s team.

No agency or organization that is the recipient of public funds should be removed from the scrutiny of the Auditor Generals office. We hope our request will be the catalyst that would enable all Conservation Authorities and Municipalities be included within the Auditor General’s official mandate.”

Also at today’s celebration Chief Administrative Officer Mark Brickell was thrilled to announce that as a result of several days of meetings with OPSEU, two front-line staff members are returning to work immediately. “NPCA and OPSEU worked tirelessly over the past few days, and are pleased to announce that through these talks there has been an agreement, and we are welcoming back two restoration team staff members,” announced Brickell.  “The initiatives announced today will require the skill set of these two valued team members, and we are glad they have returned to the NPCA family.”

“I am beyond thrilled to be leading this organization into a very bright future,” Brickell continued. “The team at the NPCA, along with every single person in the watershed, will be working together to protect our water and our lands for future generations,” he added.

NPCA Board Chair, Sandy Annunziata, unveiled the following initiatives at the event, which was attended by NPCA staff, local dignitaries and partners:

  • 100-Year Water Quality Improvement Plan
  • 1 Million Trees & 3 Million Native Species Plants
  • Lead Role in Climate Change Mitigation
  • New Partnership & Dialogue with the People of the Watershed
  • Leading & Learning Organization
  • Innovative Technology & Data Integration  
  • Establish Annual Watershed Champions Awards Program
  • 100-Year Land Plan

 These eight initiatives are part of the organization’s long-term vision, and commitment to its legislative mandate, which, as set out in Section 20 of The Conservation Authorities Act, is to establish and undertake programs designed to further the conservation, restoration, and management of natural resources.

“These initiatives not only support us in the service of our provincially legislated mandate, but they speak to conservation in its true sense; protecting the land for the people,” said Chair Annunziata of the initiatives.

The building and execution of such an ambitious long-term plan requires tremendous effort. It is the hope of the NPCA that citizens and organizations alike will come together to take on a more proactive approach to protecting their watershed.

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3 responses to “Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Welcomes Auditor General’s Audit

  1. The sooner this Cancer is removed from the NPCA and it can get down to the Business it was originally mandated to do will be a day of rejoicing in Niagara and all areas that contribute to the financing of this troubled organization. The recent outrageous dictatorial attitude that has prevailed within the ranks of this Board and Executive management leaves this writer with a sense of total disgust and anger. The next election can not come soon enough so that we might see the rats scurrying from the sinking ship.

    Hasta Luego


  2. What other choice does the NPCA have? The The All Party Committee of Ontario Legislature requested the Auditor General to conduct the financial audit.
    The directors stalled accepting the auditor’s initial offer until the auditor’s schedule was filled. Now they have no choice.


  3. I agree with you Bill the stalling has ended I wonder how busy were the Shredders during the planned stall.


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