Be a Leader  Mr. Prime Minister – Dump Trump and have Canada strike trade deals with other, more functional countries

‘All nations need to stand up to Trump and his minions and go forth together without him. Trump needs to be made an international pariah.’

A Commentary by Linda McKellar, a Niagara resident and frequent contributor of commentary to Niagara At Large

Posted October 18th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Dump Trump!

Canada has great relationships with MANY more countries than the United States does so no big effort should be required to form new alliances with China, India, the EU, Japan and dozens of countries – all of whom would be more fair and are becoming much more progressive in technology and environmental concerns.

It’s as if we are addicted to the U.S.  as our only source of economic stability. No addiction is a good addiction. It must end.

This U.S. administration unreasonably wants everything on its own terms so we WILL lose in any renegotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Considering Trump’s abrogation of the Iran (nuclear) deal and Paris (Climate) Accord, both of which involved lengthy negotiations and many nations (not just the U.S., as he seems to think), no sane country can trust the U.S.  in any dealings as long as this idiot is in office and neither should we.

He perpetually moves the goal posts. That has always been his modus operandi.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau in Washington earlier this October, faced with the dangerous case of Donald Trump

The car industry is just one area where Canadians would lose jobs galore since Trump insists on something like 85% of all components being from the US. There goes St Catharines, Oakville, Brampton, etc.

Let the U.S. go it alone and see what will happen. They too rely on foreign markets for materials and trade. Without those their economy will tank. It’s just a matter of time.

We must not cling to the rail of a ship heading full steam toward an iceberg.

All of Trump’s financial endeavours, in spite of his braggadocio, have been failures –  his casinos, his airlines, “university” and steaks. What a joke! These endeavours have always been created, and failed, using other peoples’ money, not his.

As a businessman, he’s an abject failure who always screwed his employees and competitors and could get loans only via Russian banks.  Yet this is the man who claims only he can  solve the U.S.’s problems!!!

Eventually, all of Trump’s undoing of Obama’s legacy and the good legislation from previous administrations, by the very Executive Orders he once criticized and because the great “deal maker” can’t make a deal with his fellow Republican majority, will destroy their economy and any beneficial social programs that helped the 99 per cent.

Canada’s Prime Minister JustinTrudeau needs to sever the ties starting NOW, one at a time and must have alternative options in place beforehand…. SO…. get your butt moving on this Trudeau.

You must be firm and not another sycophant. Put on the big boy pants and be a real leader. You neither have to insult nor suck up to Trump to do so, just do it.

All nations need to stand up to Trump and his minions and go forth together without him. Trump needs to be made an international pariah.

Diplomacy doesn’t work with a “F*****g moron” (not my words, Rex Tillerson’s) and egomaniacal despot like Trump.

We don’t need the U.S. and will be far better off distancing ourselves before it is too late because, without alternatives, we will circle the drain with them. It is inevitable the way things are currently going.

Be a leader Trudeau. I would be ecstatic to see you make deals with dozens of other countries so Trump can destroy NAFTA if he wishes because then HE will be the loser, not us.

To read a news commentary posted this past October 12th, 2017 that this commentary by Linda McKellar was responding to by sharing her views here on the topic of the futility of  any country trying to negotiate a fair deal with the United States with Trump in charge, click on – .

Linda McKellar is a Niagara, Ontario resident and retired nurse who remains a strong advocate for quality, universal health care. She is also an avid follower of public affairs who frequently shares here views on Niagara At Large.

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“A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “Be a Leader  Mr. Prime Minister – Dump Trump and have Canada strike trade deals with other, more functional countries

  1. Canada should be making cars for Canadians and possibly the world on our own terms. we have the talent and the know how. A home grown auto industry is what we need.


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