A New Film Doc on the Climate Crisis We All Need to See

Al Gore returns with ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ just as the knuckle dragger in the White House moves to rip up the Paris  Accord  and drag America back to the 19th century    age of coal

A Brief One by Doug Draper, a journalist and veteran environmental writer

Posted August 7th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

“There are many who would much prefer that the word ‘climate’ never be mentioned and that the issue be eliminated from our national conversation.” – former U.S. Vice President, and Novel Peace Prize laureate and environmentalist Al Gore

Trump, during a campaign style rally earlier this August, in old coal country, West Virginia.

That line by Al Gore could never be truer than it is right now with Trump and his rogues gallery of oil and coal barons working to roll back any painstaking progress that has been made over the past four or five decades in addressing climate change and other environmental issues threatening life on our planet.

This past June, Trump even appointed a Republican fundraiser and an American billionaire coal baron’s trophy wife Kelly Knight Canada to be the new U.S. ambassador to Canada although, so far at least, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not appear to be letting that insult –  along with repeated calls from federal and provincial Conservative parties to join Trump’s back slide or risk no longer being “economically competitive” with the U.S. – weaken his resolve to work with more than 190 other nations around the world in charting a greener path.

Al Gore speaking at the 2015 Paris Climate summit

With all of this Trump madness leaving nothing less than a livable future on this planet hanging in the balance, Al Gore is back, just in time, with a sequel to his internationally praised, award-winning 2006 film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ documenting the ever-more pressing need to address climate change.

That sequel – appropriately titled ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ – is will hopefully soon come to a movie theatre near you, so please keep an eye on the theatre ads for any opportunity to view this most important film.

In the meantime, Al Gore made a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO cable program Real Time. Watch it here by clicking on

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders

One response to “A New Film Doc on the Climate Crisis We All Need to See

  1. Linda McKellar

    We MUST NOT elect any party into power that doesn’t have climate change as its prime agenda and we have to make sure they follow through, even if it temporarily hurts our pocket books. It will be temporary pain because new technology will replace our current jobs and energy sources and clean energy are plentiful and can be much less expensive. Fifty years ago, who would think computer techs would be in demand? Change is often hard, scary, requires effort and sacrifice and most importantly, takes time, which in this case is finite. If we have to suffer a little bit for a while it sure beats mass extinction of plants, animals and even us. All species are interconnected.

    The storms, droughts, floods and forest fires aren’t just coincidences. The temperature differences between areas of the globe are the driving forces for atmospheric and ocean currents. As the temperature variation and currents are decreased, the storms and droughts become worse because they stagnate and are prolonged since there is no force moving them along. The weaker, slower Jet Stream allows conditions like the Polar Vortex to flow south so the bad winter excuse is also rendered bogus. The spread of warm climate diseases like Lyme and Zika is increasing and life cycles of plants and animals are being disrupted. Losing seemingly unimportant pollinators like bees can result in our own extinction. What economic costs will result and are already resulting from these things, not to mention losing forests to fires, homes to floods and lives to vicious storms? Fish in the streets of Miami at high tide might just be a clue. The economy excuse is a diversion because it will suffer even more due to costs of future disasters.

    As Gore says, there are “new and better jobs to be had”. The cost of re-educating labourers is far less than the cost of climate disasters. Coal miners are needed as much as buggy whip manufacturers and it’s an awful existence.The result of climate change eventually will be massive human migration, competition for food and water and war to acquire what people need. Sounds like fun!


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