Babes (AKA Toothpick) Is Looking For A New Home

A Call-Out from Niagara Action for Animals

Posted April 5th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

Dear Friends of Animals – Babes the cat (formally named Toothpick) was adopted through NAfA approximately four years ago. You might remember this special kitty and her miraculous recovery that was featured in the local news.

Babes is looking for a loving home.

Babes was found near death in a completely emaciated state. The vets believed she had suffered an injury to her leg and being unable to walk she took shelter under a BBQ eating whatever she could find to survive.

Despite her critically thin and anemic condition the vet opted to perform emergency surgery as she exhibited signs of an intestinal obstruction. In surgery, the vet discovered that her stomach was heavily impacted with wood chips, wax paper and BBQ charcoal; things only a truly starving cat would eat.

Before her initial adoption, Babes spent a long time in recovery regaining her physical strength and now, four years later, she is facing the emotional struggle of having to adapt to an abrupt change in her living circumstances.

Due to personal health issues, Babes’ former family is suddenly unable to care for her, so she is now in a temporary holding space while she waits for someone special to welcome her into their home and heart.

Although initially shy, Babes is a sweet kitty who enjoys pets and she loves having her cheeks and chin rubbed. She will require some patience and time to regain her self-confidence and trust during this difficult transition but given her resilient nature, we know she will make quick progress.

At this time, we are not sure how Babes would do with other cats. Although she might prefer to be the only cat, we do think she would adjust to other felines with time.

The adoption fee for Babes is only $50. Babes has been spayed, micro-chipped, and she is up to date on all vaccinations.

Anyone interested in adopting Babes can complete our online adoption application here or contact us at for more information.

If you cannot adopt but would like to foster Babes while she waits to find her forever home, please contact us about fostering. For foster homes, NAfA typically covers all expenses, including supplies and food. Please email NAfA regarding your interest in fostering. 

Niagara Action for Animals is a non-profit, all volunteer charity devoted to ending all forms of animal cruelty through education, direct action and legitimate protest.

To learn more about NAfA and its advocacy and humane efforts and interventions for all creatures big and small, click on – .

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