Buffalo, New York Area Congressman Hails Move to Revoke Trumpcare Bill

Brian Higgins Calls This Past Friday, March 24th’s Defeat a Victory for Hard-Working Americans but Says We Will Continue to Fight to Protect Affordable Care

From the Buffalo, New York Office of U,S, Congressman Brian Higgins

Posted March 27th, 2017 on Niagara At Large

U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins of Buffalo/Western New York

Buffalo/Western New York – Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) released the following statement after learning that the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) was pulled from consideration in the House of Representatives:

“Since the introduction of the Republican healthcare bill, less than three short weeks ago, people across our district and the country have expressed deep concern for the legislation which was better suited to protect wealthy insurance companies’ profit margins than hard-working Americans. 

“Today’s defeat of this disastrous legislation, which would have cost both in-terms higher premiums and less coverage, is a victory for children, families, individuals with disabilities and older Americans, but the fight to protect and enhance affordable care continues.

“We always said the Affordable Care Act was a start, not a finish.  House Republicans have had seven years to add constructive alternatives to make the Affordable Health Care Act work better.  This bill didn’t come close.  It was rejected by the American people and Congress and we are all better off.”

Background: Buffalo, New York area Congressman Brian Higgins, a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Budget Committee (click on the following), spoke on the House Floor in opposition to the bill this past Friday, March 24th.

A Brief Afterword from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper – As an outsider from Canada looking in on all of this and as one who has attempted to discuss it with a number of American friends and neighbours, I find it remarkable how many are so unwilling – even in the face of facts showing that private health insurance companies are making a fortune and stand to make even more of a windfall if ‘Obamacare’ is shredded – to consider a publicly funded, universal health care system similar to what Canada and many other countries in the developed Western World have had in place now for decades.

There appears to be something in the American DNA that views anything along the lines of publicly funded health care for all as heading the country down a road to communism or something worse.

Yet it is somehow okay for a country with a military budget already surpassing that of the next seven countries with military expenditures combined, to spend tens of billions a year more while millions of men, women and children go without proper health care.

It is beyond  remarkable. It is mindboggling and insane.

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


One response to “Buffalo, New York Area Congressman Hails Move to Revoke Trumpcare Bill

  1. Linda McKellar

    It certainly IS mind boggling. It harkens back to Cold War era propaganda where even the word Socialism was equated with the evil COMMUNIST USSR. I cannot tell you how many Americans have told me that places like North Korea are Socialist. This attitude has been promoted since their childhoods. I recall a photo of a man in a walker holding a sign “Socialist Obama keep your hands off my Medicare”. What can you say but OIY!!! This attitude has been a ploy purposely perpetuated because it enables the insurance companies, poster boys for the Capitalist 1%, to run amok for filthy exorbitant profits at the expense of the ill. US insurance company profits for three consecutive years starting in 2009 rose by over 56% annually….not 56% profit but 56% INCREASE in their profits.*** ABC News, Huffington Post. Astounding. The biggest cause of bankruptcies is health care bills at 42%. In some states a family of three must earn under $6000 a year to qualify for Medicaid.
    It also reflects the attitude that I fear many Americans have that they are exceptional among nations so they summarily reject anything that is even suggested from another “lesser” country!!!
    One woman (a teacher no less) interviewed the other day on TV claimed “Trump Care” already helped her son. Amazing since it was never passed. In fact her son lost his job but was covered by Medicaid thanks to…OBAMACARE. She was totally ignorant of those little facts.

    When “Obamacare” was first proposed there was a video of an older man sitting on the ground, dishevelled, unshaven and holding a sign supporting single payer. A group of well dressed young men (for lack of a better term) were throwing dollar bills at him saying “Here, I’ll pay for your health care”. Arrogant and ignorant. The elderly man held a PhD, was a former university professor who developed Parkinson’s, hence he was unable to care for himself or his appearance. He spent all of his life savings and lost his home paying for his health care and those snakes assumed he was just a bum. Those men were vile and disgusting but, as many people might assume, the old man was just a leech unworthy of their support .I can only hope that those young men develop some terrible illness one day thus putting themselves in the other person’s shoes. Perhaps they will then learn compassion.

    Many Americans are unaware how many programs like Social Security are Socialist (If they stood by their beliefs that means they should refuse such benefits – fat chance) and that Socialism and Capitalism can work together for the benefit for all. Socialist democracies also employ Capitalism but not to an extreme where it allows massive disparity between the haves and have nots, allows rape of the environment by trashing regulations and negates all social conscience. Those countries think in terms of “we” while some Americans (not all) think of “me”. Ironically many Americans are extremely altruistic and generous but have a mental block in this area of thought.

    Any system can be hijacked by unscrupulous individuals for their own nefarious agendas. Any system needs to be balanced. It is neither Capital-lSM nor Social-ISM that they need to fear but Capital-ISTS and Social-ISTS, the people who abuse any system for their own personal benefit. Currently Capitalism is out of control in the US and the plutocrats refuse to relinquish that power. I fully suspect that Trump will engineer the “Obamacare explosion” that he declares will occur, by getting together with his corporate insurance buddies and convince them (as if they need convincing) to raise premiums and decrease accessibility to facilitate that “explosion”. With his “win at all costs” attitude, he is just biding his time. Any complacency and gloating by the Democrats over this pyrrhic victory will backfire. As Senator Sanders has said, the fight has just begun.


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