‘What Can You Do to address Climate Change – Join A Discussion – Friday, February 24th at 6:30 P.M. – in St. Catharines/Niagara

An invite from the Unitarian Congregation of Niagara (UCN) in St. Catharines, Ontario

Posted February 21st, 2017 on Niagara At Large

A Brief Intro to UCN’s Invite from NAL publisher and environment writer Doug Draper –

I walked out the front door of my home this weekend to the sight of people walking by, covered in nothing more from the waste up but a sweatshirt or light jacket. One guy, his dog prancing along on a leash, was wearing a short-sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts – all just shortly after sunrise on a day, not in April or May or June, but in the middle of February!climate-change

That and the possibility that before this February is over, we may see more days with record-high temperatures for any February over the past 100 years may, at first blush, seem like a great think for those of us who are no fans of winter and shovelling snow.

Get past the blush and novelty of a few mid spring-like days in winter though and it should dawn on at least some of us that this – like so many other bouts of wild weather swings we have experienced in recent years – is really quite disturbing.

In the case of the far-warmer-and-drier-than-usual weather we’ve been experiencing this winter, it could mean everything from lower water tables that lead to water shortages, damaging winds when the temperatures dive back to cold then warm again, vegetation being tripped into starting to do what they normally do in spring, then getting hit so hard with a sudden ice storm, it could kill crop plants and tree blossoms we count on for food. And that’s just to mention a few impacts.

So good for the folks at the Unitarian Church of Niagara (UCN) in St. Catharines for holding an open discussion on climate change and what we, as people, can do in our own way to address it. It is a discussion we should be having far more often and it is one we should ultimately take to our politicians, who so obviously need more of a push from we, the people, to take real and meaningful action.

Here, from the people at the UCN, is the date, time and location for a discussion on climate change that you can join –

Friday, February 24th, 6:30 pm at Cat’s Caboose, 224 Glenridge Avenue. in St. Catharines: UCN pub night. This month’s topic is Climate Change: what are you doing to help? All welcome, no need to RSVP, just pay the restaurant for whatever you order.

For more on the Unitarian Congregation of Niagara, click on – http://www.unitarian-stcatharines.org/ .

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 “A politician thinks of the next election. A leader thinks of the next generation.” – Bernie Sanders


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