Ontario’s Niagara Parks NPC Hosts Ceremonial Planting For Canada 150th Celebration Garden

 30,000 Tulip Bulbs To Be Planted In Preparation For      Canada’s 150th Birthday

News from the Niagara Park Commission

Posted October 17th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara Falls, Ontario – In celebration of Canada’s upcoming 150th anniversary, the Canadian Garden Council through a generous donation from Vesey’s Bulbs of Prince Edward Island, will provide The Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) with a gift of 30,000 tulip bulbs to create a Canada 150th Celebration Garden Promenade, within Queen Victoria Park.

Niagara Park's Queen Victoria Park with tulips in spring and waters of American Falls in background.

Niagara Park’s Queen Victoria Park with tulips in spring and waters of American Falls in background.

On Friday, October 21 at 9:30 a.m., representatives from NPC, The Canadian Garden Council and Vesey Bulbs will be on hand to take part in a ceremonial planting of red and white tulip bulbs, along the promenade overlooking the American Falls in front of the Niagara Parks Police Administrative Building.

NPC’s Queen Victoria Park was selected by the Canadian Garden Council to be a part of this initiative, as it is one of Canada’s most significant gateways and iconic destinations for visitors from throughout the world. The Niagara 150th Celebration Garden Promenade will be a symbolic link to the 150 Celebration Gardens/Communities taking part in this initiative, through the generous support of the Canadian Garden Council and Vesey Bulbs.

Each of the 150 communities involved will plant 1,000 red and white tulip bulbs this fall in preparation for Canada’s upcoming sesquicentennial celebrations. The tulip is an international symbol of friendship and of spring. For Canadians, especially, the tulip is a symbol of our national ethos of kindness and friendship, witnessed, in particular, by our providing refuge to the Dutch Royal family during WWII.

The Niagara Parks Commission is committed to a vision of Ontario’s Niagara Parks as one that Preserves a rich heritage, Conserves natural wonders, and Inspires people world-wide. Founded in 1885, The Niagara Parks Commission is an Operational Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Its mission is to protect the natural and cultural heritage along the Niagara River for the enjoyment of visitors while maintaining financial self-sufficiency.

For more information on the 150th Celebration Garden imitative along Canada’s Garden Route, please visit http://www.canadasgardenroute.ca/

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