Provincial Representative Turns Up the Pressure on the New Niagara Falls Hospital

News from the Constituency Office of Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates

Posted October 6th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

This billboard sign has been up in Niagara Falls for about three years now for a new hospital that would cost more than half a billion dollars to build. Whether that ever happens in the foreseeable future is an open question.

This billboard sign has been up in Niagara Falls for about three years now for a new hospital that would cost more than half a billion dollars to build. Whether that ever happens in the foreseeable future is an open question.

Queens Park, Toronto – Wayne Gates, NDP MPP for Niagara Falls (a riding that also includes Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake) rose in the Ontario Legislature this October 6th  and pressed the Government to fulfill its promise to build a new Niagara Falls hospital.

Gates noted that the (province’s) Liberal Government announced funding for the hospital during his by-election two years ago but the project has yet to be approved beyond Phase one.

“They have their Phase 2 plan that now shows specifics of what will go into each unit ready to be submitted in November, but they can’t do that yet. They can’t submit their Phase 2 plan because phase 1 hasn’t been approved yet. That is simply unacceptable.”

“They rolled out a banner which, today, looks so faded you can barely read it, and put a planning grant in place,” said Gates. “This government needs to take action to ensure this new hospital is built quickly. The Phase 1 plan is in, so let’s get it approved. When the Phase 2 plan is submitted, let’s make sure it is approved as quickly and safely as possible.”

Gates followed the statement by talking directly with Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins about the approval process. He finished the statement by calling for the project to utilize local tradespeople and small businesses.

“Let’s use local tradespeople, engineers, architects and labourers to complete this project, so that we share its economic benefits with their families. Let’s source out materials locally, wherever possible, to help keep our hard-earned tax dollars right here in Ontario. Simply put, Mr. Speaker, let’s get this hospital built now.”

(A Brief Comment from Niagara At Large publisher Doug Draper – It is good of Wayne Gates, in the above news release, to at least call this proposal for a new hospital what it is – a “Niagara Falls hospital.”

I can think of very few residents in Welland or Port Colborne or Wainfleet, in particular, who feel this is anything but a hospital in and largely for Niagara Falls that is being proposed here. They certainly don’t see it as one that would be built in a convenient location for them, if and when the Niagara Health System closes what is left of the existing hospital in Welland down).

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2 responses to “Provincial Representative Turns Up the Pressure on the New Niagara Falls Hospital

  1. A few short years ago and after listening to and watching the Building of this NHS Empire by the “Appointed” Administration it became clear to me and many others in this REGION that our, the stakeholders, needs were not a priority or even a concern to these people. The NHS, the NHS Board and the LHIN seemed to have their collective heads out somewhere in never never land. The only consultation Sevenpifer ever had with the stakeholders was by invitation only and this only happened after many articles and stakeholder comment went viral…BUT then this NOW ex CEO had a stakeholder meeting….Guess where??? In the busy hall way of the Welland YMCA …They were offered a room?????? but refused it..Hell they did not want to be cornered…. I was there as was the editor of this medium and a few other citizens who were NOT totally disgusted….
    Mr. Gates you are beating your head against a brick wall if you expect this Corporate Liberal Government to honor their word and furthermore you or no one else is going to accomplish a damn thing. That Niagara Falls Hospital debacle can be ranked in the same mold as the Billion Dollar energy plants, The Billion Dollar EHealth Consulting Contract and the Helicopter B.S
    This Ontario Liberal Government agenda is enough to make one upchuck and the supporters of this is the Conservatives…with HARPER’s Back Bencher at the Helm Mr. Brown


  2. The new hospital is about as real as a phony Hollywood movie set. All we get is a billboard. The Welland area would be a good choice. Closer to Fort Erie, Port Colborne and Wainfleet and even parts of Thorold and Niagara Falls. Very little traffic and good road access. It would also bring needed new jobs to the most depressed part of the region via support industries. In addition, Fort Erie, Port Colborne and the rest of the lakefront gets total whiteouts from Erie lake effect storms that the rest of the peninsula does not get. I have no idea how the fearless NHS leaders and government determine the sites for new facilities. A mega hospital with advanced capabilities comparable to Hamilton or Toronto and readily accessible to the entire peninsula would have been great but they screwed up that potential with the St Catharines site. Let’s prevent them from screwing it up again before it’s too late.

    Leave the Niagara Falls and Welland sites intact for now while building a new one for the southern peninsula. Hundreds, if not thousands of retirees are moving to the new Ridgeway/Crystal Beach subdivisions. Luxury homes are sprouting up like mushrooms. They even advertise “Ridgeway by the Lake” in Toronto papers. I hope these people know, particularly in their retirement age, that there is no hospital.

    A young relative of mine had a severe, potentially lethal, head injury due to a fall in the summer of 2015. The paramedics had the acumen to take him to Buffalo from Crystal Beach. He never would have made it to ANY centre anywhere in the peninsula capable of saving him. He would be dead. He just started university thanks to Buffalo Women and Children’s Hospital. That’s an accolade to Buffalo but not to our NHS.


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