Ontario Liberals and Conservatives Vote Down NDP Motion to Stop Hydro One Sell-Off

News from the Ontario New Democratic Party

Posted October 5th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Queen’s Park, Toronto – In the Legislature this afternoon the Liberal government joined forces with the Progressive Conservatives to vote down Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s Opposition Day Motion calling for an immediate halt to the sell-off of Hydro One and any further privatization of the province’s electricity system.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath still fighting privatization of province's hydro system.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath still fighting privatization of province’s hydro system.

“Ontarians have spoken. New Democrats are listening. We need to make crucial changes to stop the rising cost of hydro and stop the privatization that’s driving those cost increases,” said Horwath. “The priority of our hydro system shouldn’t be generating big profits for investors. It should be to provide affordable electricity that keeps people’s bills as low as possible.”

Horwath put the responsibility for high hydro rates on a Liberal government that is pushing ahead with plans to sell off Hydro One and further privatize Ontario’s electricity system despite strong opposition from the public. 80% of Ontarians oppose the sell-off of Hydro One.

The independent Financial Accountability Officer found no financial evidence to support the sell-off. Hundreds of municipalities are against this privatization scheme but Premier Wynne isn’t listening. She is signalling that she will help municipalities like Toronto sell off local electricity distribution companies and drive up bills even higher.

“People should have a pretty good idea what their hydro bill will cost from month to month. It should be predictable, consistent, and most of all it should be affordable. It shouldn’t break the bank,” said Horwath. “The people of Ontario deserve to have a say before any more of Hydro One is sold off to private investors or any other privatization takes place.”

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10 responses to “Ontario Liberals and Conservatives Vote Down NDP Motion to Stop Hydro One Sell-Off

  1. Robert McMaster


    Maybe it’s time for a mass rally and sit-in at Queens Park.
    Oh, I forgot, this in Ontario, not Quebec, or France or Egypt or some South American Country were the citizens actually get off the collective asses, take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands to make their feelings known and demand the changes needed. This is Ontario, the wait ’til it’s to late province, where we bitch and complain to friends and neighbours, but really won’t go out of our way or leave our comfort zone, to right any kind of wrong, bend over friends, the government has a HYDRO ONE Electric Cattle Proud plugged in just for you!


  2. It is good to see the NDP finally fighting the Corporate parties of Ontario as they, the Liberals and Conservatives, rush to PRIVATIZE Ontario by selling out our electrical assets to the highest Corporate bidder.
    The LCBO has already been moved in that direction by the Liberals, supported by the Conservatives and Mr. Brown, the Hudak replacement who has finally shown his Corporate Agenda. WHAT’s NEXT WYNNE?


  3. Hydro price going up by almost double will only force manufactures to follow and raise their price to balance their extra added cost. This will impact every one of us.


  4. Elaine Cherrington

    This is an outrage. How the hell are we suppose to pay for these high hydro bills. We are struggling now. This is affecting our way of life and making it very difficult to pay for hydro. We need our bills to come down so we can afford to pay them.


  5. First the Liberals lost my vote, now the Conservatives. Sad day in Ontario.


  6. This really needs to stop, families, seniors our kids are suffering !! It’s hurting businesses and we will see that soon as prices start to rise. So many people are without hydro right now as they can’t afford to pay it, what’s going to happen in the winter! As for me I unplug almost everything ! That’s pretty sad that we all have to live like this !! Please stop the sale of Hydro One and lower the price or many people will be living in poverty !!!!!


  7. This action does not surprise me, the Liberals and Conservatives have been behind this privatization since the Mike Harris days. What’s unfortunate is the populace keeps voting them in. The only hope we have as Ontarians is to research the NDP platform and consider voting for them.


  8. its hurting the middle class, we wont be able to afford food,the way things are going!!! what do the people have to to do, to get you MP”S to listen!!


  9. I had some hope for that guy, Patrick Brown, because he was saying many of the right things. He was opposing the Liberal agenda on the right points and he fought the issue of hydro hard; however, the fact the Tories voted against the motion NOT TO SELL


  10. I had some hope for that guy, Patrick Brown, but unfortunately it has all been lost the minute his party voted against the NDP motion NOT TO SELL hydro. It’s the fire sale of our assets that is leading to price hikes, in addition to other policies. I can no longer afford Wynne’s hydro tricks and I can be assured I will not be afford Patrick Brown’s either. He almost had my vote because it looked for a time that he was going to be a more moderate departure from the likes of Mike Harris and hold the Liberals accountable, but that was too much to ask.


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