You Are Invited To Third Annual ‘Nurturing Our Roots’ 2016 NRNC Powwow

Honouring Indigenous Adoptees That Were Displaced Over    Last Half Century

“In these times of healing (between Canadians and First Nations), coming together for gatherings like the NRNC Powwow are more important than ever.

An Invite to All from the Niagara Regional Native Centre in Niagara, Ontario

Posted September 7th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

The Nurturing Our Roots Powwow is an annual Traditional Powwow held on the grounds of the Niagara Regional Native Centre in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.2016powwowlogo

All are welcome to attend this family friendly celebration of Indigenous culture at 382 Airport Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, just off the QEW, on Sunday, September 25th, 2016. The Grand Entry, which is the official commencement of the event, starts at noon and the festivities will carry on until the flags are retired between 4 and 5 pm.

This drug and alcohol free event is the perfect opportunity to share in the richness of Indigenous culture by enjoying traditional dancing, drumming, singing, crafts, food and drink, and community spirit.


The Niagara Regional Native Centre Powwow has the long standing historical significance of being an event about unity, sharing and welcoming. Both local people and people from abroad of all nations, races, cultures and beliefs have been coming together over the years to the beautiful Native Centre grounds. This Powwow has also been an agent for community change.

In the 70’s when the St. Catharines Indian Centre – the precursor to the Niagara Regional Native Centre – was founded there were no strong bridges connecting the cultures of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

When the Native Centre was incorporated in 1974 the Powwow Committee was the first committee established. The early Powwows became a way to establish a relationship of mutual understanding and respect between members all the communities in Niagara.

Click on this image to enlarge. All artwork for images in this post by Nyle Johnston

Click on this image to enlarge. All artwork for images in this post by Nyle Johnston

Nowadays the relationship between Canadians and First Nations are undergoing growth as the harsh truths of history are becoming known more broadly.

In these times of healing, coming together for gatherings like the NRNC Powwow are more important than ever. This year the Powwow will be honouring Indigenous adoptees and welcoming a group of local adoptees to experience all the love and positive energy that the Niagara community has to offer.

All are welcome to help our community welcome and honour the gathering’s attendees and to remember and respect the tens of thousands of Indigenous adoptees displaced over the last half century.

Come and send our guests off with the memory of a Powwow filled with love, hope, compassion and all the best things the Niagara community at large has to offer. Share awareness of this event far and wide so many people can be a part of an event that continues the spirit of unity, sharing, and welcoming.

Help Out:

Powwows are one of the most powerful tools an Indigenous community and it’s supporters has to express all of the greatest and most positive elements of kindness and inclusiveness.

The logistics are intensive and it requires dozens of people to volunteer hundreds of hours of organizing and to raise thousands of dollars. For Traditional Powwows the many famous artisan dancers, singers, and performers who have dedicated their lives to the gifts they share on Powwows, are asked to come. The influx of people is an economic engine that contributes directly to the Niagara economy.

We are dependent on sizable outside contributions and the Powwow is eager to find partnering organizations, businesses, leaders, and average every day people to help make this special day a success.

Monetary contributions by far are the best and most urgently needed thing the organizers need to ensure the Powwow is a success. We are also seeking gifts for giveaways and fund raising and logistical items including a donation of banquet sized tents and other items which we will post on our Facebook page at:

Crowdsourcing contributions can be made by heading to and making a contribution or sharing this link.

Cheques and Money Orders can be made out payable to the “Niagara Regional Native Centre” and please note on them that it is for the Powwow. Charitable receipts are available upon request.

On September 15th at 6pm the Niagara Regional Native Centre on 382 Airport Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake will host one of our “Third Thursday” Socials and all are welcome. We will have fund raising events and an opportunity to ask questions so please help spread the word.


The Details:

Third Annual Nurturing Our Roots 2016 NRNC Powwow, Honouring Indigenous Adoptees

Date: September 25th, 2016

Time: Noon until some time after 4 pm

When to Come: The “Grand Entry” at noon is the best chance to see all the different dancers taking part in the festivities, but stop by anytime before 4 and partake in this rich celebration of culture

Address: 382 Airport Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Admission: Admission is free and all are welcome but if it is possible to make a small contribution to our crowdsourcing it would be welcome:

About: A Powwow is an Indigenous gathering open to people of all Nations to enjoy traditional drumming, dancing, crafters, food. This family friendly drug and alcohol free event is a great way to celebrate the rich heritage of Niagara with the people of the Dish with One Spoon territory and their guests.

More Info:

Contact Info: General questions can be emailed to and or call/text 289-990-0714


  • Host Drum Sponsored by Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre: Little Creek
  • Head Female Dancer: Jen Cummings
  • Head Male Dancer: Giniw Paradis
  • Head Male Youth: Shookie Shawana
  • Head Female Youth: Shannon Bomberry
  • MC: Bob Goulais
  • Arena Director: Gary Parker
  • Head Elder: James Shawana

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